Diabolical "box art" characters


So… Who are the characters on the “box art” supposed to be? I figure the central figure is the protagonist, and the woman with the flame motif is Drake. Maybe the woman with green hair is Hackmaster? … The others I really can’t figure. I mean. I presume one of them is the Count/Countess and one of them is Steelheart, but I wouldn’t be able to guess which.


The bald guy destroying the Earth is definitely Doctor Arachnus.


Oh yeah… I guess that could make more sense than the protagonist. He doesn’t look like an alien though.


The guy in blue victorian military clothes is definitly the count. The girl in the upper right corner must be steelheart. The guy in puff vest with a hoodie and a cap at the right is the star and the women with grey hairs and black-green dress is probably the hacker woman (if you look closely you can see her face is burned). You got the drake right. There’s also the council the count work for on the bottom of the screen.


Does the Count/ess have a scar on their face? I don’t remember reading that…


Me neither. Where do you see the scar on the character face? The count is the one beside the drake.


I think that’s how Dr. A looked in his human disguise.


The guy in the blue victorian outfit or the bald guy? Because dr.A had a face full of chrome.


It looks like the bald guy destroying the Earth has a face full of Chrome. I’m sure he’s Dr. A.


Yeah the guy in blue is the count I’m pretty sure.