Destiny : SLOTH [UPDATE: 21/11/2020]

I’ve begun work on my new game Destiny : SLOTH.

In it, you’ll play as an officer turns detective solving the murder that put HookVile in chaotic situations.
You will be teaming up with extraordinary supernaturals and some interesting character(you might like).
You might develop relationship and the bonds will be put to a test.
Uncovering the mystery related to the town,and to the fallen will then you defy fate itself.
Your chose your own destiny, to be self-righteous, or pure manifestation of evil itself. Your choose your own path to the truth…

However, you play as supreme being known as God-killer.
(The fallen are male gender locked) The fallen who lost everything and has no way to go back.
Struggling to maintain his sanity while fighting gods and their minions who get in his way.
An unlikely encounter between him and the detective will uncovering some hidden truth within the time and reality itself.

Currently it’s about (4% completed, Prologue and 1 1/4 Chapters, 10324 Words) done, and I plan on updating as fast as I could. (I may not update it frequently but I’ll try (boarding school problem) doing it.)

  • Struggle to maintain the daily life of detective while solving unexpected homicide / maintaining sanity of oneself once you lose everything and were hunted down.
  • Possible romance route are… a lot.(about 11 I guess) P.S: 2 Secret romance.
  • Inherit the power of the angels or manifested the power of demon are your choice to make.
  • Good are Evil doesn’t matter, could you survive the power of the balance?
  • Does solving the case proven anything? If it is, can you handle the truth?
  • When you are truly are alone, you will truly be at peace…

To play the demo, go here:

Comment anything if you find it worth. Criticize it or give any tips on how to write it better. Report it if you find any bug below.

  • Update log
  • 31/10/20. First release
  • 14/11/20
    1.Introduction remove. Working on assessing my mistakes.
    2.Word length for Chapter 1 increase to 6399 words(excl. commands)
    3.The first RO make it’s appearance, Karaline Shepherdocks(also known as ‘Kara’). Your funny, flirty fortune-teller.
  • 21/11/20
    Introduction has been added. I have made some improvement on it. If any of you feel dissatisfied, feel free to post a feedback.
    Words count has been increased to 10324 words.(Not included the short story)

It may not be much, but please enjoy yourselves.


I think it’s promising, I like the concept so far.

Though, I feel like it’s all over the place and left me a bit confused esp the changes in POV. Some sentences sound redundant in my head too but hey, this is just the first draft, no? Lots of room for improvement. :smiley:

Aside from those above, I think you did well, OP :+1:


@redfield Thanks for the comments. I try my best to improve it.

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Not going to lie, ‘omnipotent’ isn’t probably a word one should try to use for a CoG protagonist, since by the very nature of the game, their set of options are drastically limited.

All in all, the concept sounds interesting, although the way the two intrigues are tied together will probably make or break the project.

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@Talyrion Thanks for the heads up. They aren’t tie by blood but you will discover soon enough.

Found this.

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@Bulk_Biceps thanks for warning, I’ll try fix it as soon as possible.

EDIT: Already working on fix it. How about you try it?

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Sounds interesting gonna play it know

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Found another one.

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@Bulk_Biceps Should be fix by now. Thanks for the warning. :+1:

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An update has been put. Try it out.

  • Update Log: 11/14/2020

    1. Introduction remove. Working on assessing my mistakes.
    2. Word length for Chapter 1 increase to 6399 words(excl. commands)
    3. The first RO make it’s appearance, Karaline Shepherdocks(also known as ‘Kara’). Your funny, flirty fortune-teller.

That’s all for now, I know it’s not much but I try working harder next time. Hope you all enjoy :+1: :kissing_heart:


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