Destiny of the Exile (WIP with Demo Updated Nov 24)


The reason I’m creating this thread is that while I’m working on this project there is something I drastically need from you good people. One thing I promised myself before I wrote a story for this community was that I wanted to include as many people as I could.

My goal is to write a story that has a unique feel based off the MCs identity, and I want to include male/female/NB/Trans identities as well as gay/straight/bi/pan/NB/trans ROs…and yes you can also be asexual, I’m a sucker for romance and I dearly wish to make all romances unique to the two characters involved, to that end I could like to get some feedback from people on what they feel they would like to see in their representation since I don’t, nor do my friends, represent all these various combinations. (If I missed someone I’d also like to know so I can work to incorporate you as well)

I am creating multiple ROs for each of the listed possibilities that will be canon representations as well as some characters that will be MC focused (Yep, a bloody army of possible lovers…I’m a fool :stuck_out_tongue:) So there will be a great deal of writing involved simply in creating NPCs, but I feel it will be worth it if all goes well :slight_smile:

That aside this is not a dating game, I actually do have a plot [gasp!] and here it is in it’s rough version:
You’re the heir to the throne of the great Empire, you are born with a powerful affinity towards magic and when you are old enough you will be taught the use of the deadly mageblade. Life is rather cheerful until one day you are accused of a murder that you didn’t commit. With a heavy heart your father is forced to exile you, your teacher chooses to walk your path with you. Do you seek to restore your good name? Do you seek to have revenge on those that framed you? Or do you walk away from your birthright and find happiness in a new life?

Well here is the first little chunk of the game, there is still some stuff that I want to add to what’s currently there but I wanted to get feedback on what I have so far just in case I had to do massive rewrites, let me know what you think :worried:


Go forth my army of Paramours and restore to me my Throne! Myah!


I like the sound of this story. It’s good because it allows more doors to people with a certain sexuality which if I may say is not seen that often in COG games (oh crag, I am terming this right? No offense intended if so) anyway, @Lizzy, you have a unique idea which can.allow people to be more open/ express themselves better in the COG universe. I hope this turns put well for you and I guarantee you my full support.


wow Lizzy… im a bit surprise to see you make this thread XD. well, Good Luck Then!! i’ll support you as well :grin: though im a bit confused at this description : when you’re old enough the deadly mageblade. did you miss something to type there ?


That is 100% my goal, I fumbled with the ideas of many many plots but all of them had the common vein that I want people to feel they are represented in this story more so than anything I have seen to date, I’d like to think my actual story (when you get to really see it) is worth playing too :laughing:


Born with an affinity for the mageblade that arises when your older?


Sorry if it was confusing, but when you are old enough you learn to use it, perhaps I should edit that to clarify.


I’m probably gonna be so embarrassed by this question, but what do you mean by “canon representations” and “MC focused”? It it like the difference between set orientations and MC-sexuals? Sorry lol.

I’d like to help you, but I’m cis and straight, so you know, my POV isn’t the most educational. Will there be fantasy races or just human? Is gender (and sexuality?) the only player customization? Just wondering. Good luck with your story :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to seeing that army of lovers and supporting it as much as I can.


Canon representations meaning there are set characters that are gay/bi/straight/NB, so for instance in the first set of RO if you identify as straight then the gay NPC choices will not be there. Later in the story there will be some characters who are attracted to the MC no matter who they are if you happen to still want options (at least that’s the plan lol) And yes, you can help, I don’t know what it’s like to be with a guy…


hmm… i get what you mean but it still a bit confusing… how about : you are born with a powerful affinity towards magic and when you’re old enough :
a) you will be able to use the deadly mageblade. (or)
b)you will be taught the use of the deadly mageblade

now that you also decide to make an IF game, i fell like i need to learn Choicescript as well :joy:


There you go, fixed it with exactly your words, as payment I expect your help with some of these RO :stuck_out_tongue:


Even if they’re Skeletor?


If he shows up in this world I promise that he will be in love with you @SiROSTRiKE :heartpulse:


isnt it obvious enough that i’ll help you with that matter ? XD


…Okay, so how many cute guys can I expect to either be straight or die on me? (Because I know you’re only writing this to make me cry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Of course! Why wouldn’t one fall in love with themself if they’re as fabulous as I am?


Imperial Crown Princess of Infinite Grace, Diplomacy and Charm <— This will be the cannon MC

I’ll be happy to help in any way I can @Lizzy.


Duh, ALL the cute guys with be straight! [evil laugh] That is what you get for not giving me Anara time!


Halp! She won’t allow me to be anything but straight!

######Though i would be straight anyway, i still don’t like restrictions!

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Well, I know who’s getting killed off next, then. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, can you give us any information on the ROs, or are you keeping it a secret for now?