If any one has a demo, I’ll be happy to read it and give reveiw if you want me to. Please just put the link below… Or a link to another discussion that has a link. I was trying to find ‘linked’ ones in the Upcoming games discussion, but there were very few, and there may be other people out there who would like to read them, and would be very happy if you did…

-Thanks, The @Doctor

Hey here is the link to the game

And here is the link for the discussion

Hope you like it

Why not!/web/mygame/index.html

Enjoy :b Please also give feedback, thanks!

Sounds fun, feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:


here are the links to my discussion and demo, respectively

@JLBH , it’s very good with a few typos… I liked it. It looks like I’ll be reading these one by one, so don’t worry if I don’t answer immediately.

@P0RT3R , um interesting concept… There were a few grammar errors and it was a little strange, but funny. I think it’ll do ok.

@Random , I thought that one was great! I didn’t see a single spelling or grammar error, and I thought the plot was very well developed. It kept me at the edge of my seat… Until I met my utter demise. Good job!

@Dolphinzgirl , I thought it was very good. I like the introduction of characters and the storyline itself is very intriguing.

@Samuel_H_Young , I really liked the storyline, and the beginning artwork is fantastic. No grammar errors that I found… Some how this game reminded me of Diablo II.

Great! I’m really glad that you liked it. I’m hoping to post my finished game for open beta testing sometime within the next week and I’d love if you’d give me some feedback on that as well.

@Doctor, thank you! Good to know that you thought it was great! I was surprised to know that you thought my storyline was well-developed since mine was impromptu :b

By the way, were you able to get through chapter 2 okay? I was wondering if there were any bugs and so forth.


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:


Thanks hoped you liked it been busy so I have t written Recently

@Random ,No, I got through chapter 2 fine… There was one bug in chapter 3 where when you ask the general in the barracks whether he knows the prince, and it gives you the writing but no choices, but I figured that was just as far as you had gotten in writing. Other than that I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

@Doctor Ah yeah, fixed it! Sorry, forgot to put a *goto down there ._.


My beta version is now out! Here’s the link to the discussion if you wanna take a look.

@Samuel_H_Young , still very good, only noticed a few problems, first at the beginning, when you name your bogart, if you name it with one of the default names it’s fine, but if make your own name for it, it just ends up being called bogart. Also, the three witches called me ‘she’, when I’m playing as a male. Other than that I’m still impressed. I hope you make more