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What choices change the sympathy stat?


@Shazy333 In general, don’t kill people and don’t loose fights and don’t surrender to Azazel willingly either. Latter two most likely to increase fear, and thus, decrease sympathy. I specifically remember that in anarch path during the prison attack first two choices “go though the tunnel” and “break through the wall” increase sympathy stat. But I never was able to raise it above 52.

@Bathala I was interested in a few things, so I code dived and found a few bugs(probably?)

Hope it helps
  1. chapter_3_fight
    Here I’m not sure why I don’t get the Infamy and Doubts achievement. I won all rounds thus my fear stat wasn’t increased, so fear/sympathy 50/50 and infamy 5. Always get The Living Nightmare though.

  2. chapter_4_anarch_plan
    Second condition will never ever trigger. If Ember’s flirt is or more then 3 first will trigger always. And I never actually saw jealous_blur despite flirting with them both constantly.
    Player will nev

if (ember_flirt >= 3)
   goto tease_blur
elseif ((ember_flirt >= 3) and (blur_flirt >= 1))
   goto jealous_blur
   goto cont_blur
  1. chapter_5_bounty
    Is it even possible? I think I counted 4 or 5 opportunities(and they all increment flirt stat by 1) to flirt with Ember until this chapter, so they always will be hostile towards MC.
if (ember_flirt >= 7)
	goto not_hostile
	goto hostile_ember

Yeah, I am this bored :neutral_face:


I was aware that there was something wrong, but I never found out where :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the code dive!


Which path is the closest to becoming an anti-hero?

Your sympathy stat decides that. However, the stats are still wonky, they’re not balanced yet.

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I tried crime lord and anarchist and I would say they equally far right now in current state of the game. Sympathy even has no checks yet. But it is still and development, a lot of stuff to be implemented, we should just wait patiently.

Got it.


I have just started. But i can already tell that the story is lovely. You need to have a little kore confidence in you. Looking forward to updates eagerly


Finally finished it and damn it was good. There was however an error in the last part where i choose not to sleep with greed. But no matter which choice i make i end up sleeping with her. Thats pretty much one the onlu problem i have faced

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Spoiler Alert lol

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@Langre I tweaked the triggers, however, I was unable to replicate the Living Nightmare achievement bug. :confused:

Posting a poll for research purposes.

What kind of MC do you play?

  • Antihero (High Sympathy Stat)
  • Villain (High Fear Stat)

0 voters

Which path do you like?

  • Mob Boss
  • Overlord
  • Anarchist

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Your demeanor?

  • Monologist (Bombastic)
  • I am the Joker
  • Thanos (Stoic)
  • Batman (Mysterious Emo Kid)

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For third pool there are two stats. My MC is mysterious emo joker for example.


You better’ve felt as disappointed writing that as I did reading that.


I’m both Thanos and Batman for my MC. But like the Joker my MC wants to watch the world burn.


how right mind will be bombastic :laughing:

I am sorry if I bother you, but I think I got why this bug happens. :sweat_smile: Problem was that I always got Living Nightmare, instead of Infamy and Doubts.

It is definitely there

In startup we see *create Fear 50, but condition is 5 or more. Fear stat is always 5 or more. That’s why I never get Infamy and Doubts, first condition will trigger always.

*if (Fear >= 5)
	[i]Casino Mayhem! Is the the public afraid of the new super villain, ${persona_name}?[/i]
	*achieve casinofear
	*set pub_opinion "The public are a bit afraid of you."
	*set threat_level "A"
	*goto cont_tv

Yeah, I realized that a few hours ago. Sorry, if I was being blind. :sweat_smile:


How do you go code diving?

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