Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Full Demo|


Play length: 57k words

Dafuq is this about?

The last of the first generation of mutants. A mercenary of old. Slayer of gods. You are known by many names, but one particular name baffles you Demon.
So as you get thrown into the modern world with foreign memories along with a sentient sarcastic sword, find out who took you as you don the mask of a villain.

  • Become a crime lord, a conqueror, or an anarchist.
  • Get the attention of your abductors by destabilizing the city.
  • Teach the heroes that sometimes fame isn’t everything and spark the dawn of the era of villains.
  • Romance Heroes, a bounty hunter and a criminal.
  • Retrieve your sarcastic sword.
  • Show the world what it means to be a true villain.
New ROs

Scarlet/Max. The shy redhead.
Selena/Dante. hisPanic! At the disco
Detective Holt. Pew pew pew
Blur. Gotta go faaaaaaaaaaaaast!
Ember. Broods and shoots fireballs
Gust/Gale. Teach me master
Greed. Modern day Robinhood

If you feel like a generous god, I’d appreciate your support.

Have a great day! :smiley:


Well… It’s way better than you made it sound XD
Just reading the beginning, i think you should have a prologue were we bound with our sister/wife and Cyrus… I get the vibe that his treason should have impact at the moment you narrated it, but i only felt something because i remembered of Straybow, and put what i felt about him in Cyrus(unless you are doing that medias reis kind of thing, were you tell something from the middle at the beginning, just to give the context later)
And… I can’t proceed because of this:


This is bloody awesome! I’ve yet to read a time-jumping superpowered story and I’m already hooked to it. I am definitely looking forward to this :grinning:

Anyway, I have to ask, would the MC have a choice whether they want to be a hero or a villain later on in the story?


This story is just wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Keep it up :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I’m actually going to give the context later, I have to be drunk enough to write it… I know it’s a curse


Yes, he can. I’m still working on it though. Sorry


Wow bro just wow really really really great potential here hope you can keep up the good work and finish this I mean everything was dope especially the sword part…omg :heart_eyes:and I can have vengeance with it sign me up as a fan everything I think was well put together and didn’t seem liik you did this drunk lol I’m rambling anyways keep up the good work man hope you can continue this and I will be awaiting the next update


I finished it now(had to choose “young woman”, hope you fix the NB option in the next update ^^’) and this project has my attention. I think you should try to describe more the futuristic battle suits and etc, i felt like i had to stop and think about how would it all look at the moment a person came with “a different battle suit”, without any detail. And about Godsin, does it need to be a sword? I like swords, but there are many people who just love specific weapons, so even though it would be just a cosmetic change, i feel like it would be important. I loved the ways we could flirt with Whisper, it was so funny XD
But as i’ve been playing WIPs with an amazing character interaction recently, i feel like yours is missing some more variety of options… There is a reason why many times we have personality stats. Not that you need them in the game itself, but it is good to have options to include all kinds of personalities for your MC.
I hope you are having fun with this project, don underestimate yourself so much~ ^^


I fixed it, my bad… I’m not sure if I have to reupload the link… I’m not entirely sure how dashingdon works either… sorry…

Regarding the battle suits, I’m actually discussing it with someone right now… so I’ll update it along with the other paths


I got say this is going great story to read

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Alright, very interesting so far. Throws you right into the story and leaves the player as confused as the MC. Just a few things.

Those in the middle ages would not use the word ‘mutants’ as ‘genetic mutations’ were undiscovered at this point. So the MC would probably believe that they were gifted by a god.

As for the telepathic communication, the MC seemingly did not know what to make of it. Given this, would they not still speak in Olde English? Or something similar. It seems like the dialogue remains the same.

One last thing, the ‘stats’ button is buggy, it doesn’t open and provides some text error.

Other than that I did not play too far through this, mainly because I don’t want to wait for a long time to find out what happens next.


Sold. This game is going to be a blast. A fish out of water time traveling super hero story is a COG that hasn’t been done yet so kudos to you for originality. Thanks for giving me another game to put on my watch list.


This game looks amazing! Unfortunately the stats don’t work(?) I haven’t been able to look at them.

I’ve updated the link, I do hope I fixed it. It was probably the gosub commands… but if symptoms persist consult your doctor… or… me


nice, really digging the whole thousand(?) year old MC who thought he was a demon(maybe he is one and not a mutant after all… who know cough @Bathala cough ) .


It works now. Thanks!

villains are good guy hero are the bad guy

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Everything is not what it seems…


I really like this and the concept. I hope you keep working on it.


Break up the walls of text. Too many words on one page.