December 2023's Writer Support Thread

Good luck with the plants!


Have you tried lichen? As an added bonus, it may attract wandering caribou.

The article @Eiwynn linked is a good read, but I want to point out that this bit I quoted from your post is talking about two different things: they’re saying that you’re implying that enbies are not human, while what you’re saying is that non-humans can be enby. You (the “you” being ‘you, Kelly Seastar’ and the ‘some people’ you mention) are not debating the same point.


Shouldn’t be too difficult, although the folder structures are a nightmare. I’m using a similar premise to put pictures containing translation notes into my game. Also, your art is amazing! That character reminds me a lot of Ingenium’s Character design from BNHA.

I think this is gonna be a bit of a personal battle. Like, some people aren’t gonna care, others are going to be offended, like anything. It sounds like you’re not making them for commercial distribution though? So like, fuck them, man. Your blorbos can be whatever you want them to be. We had this same argument all over the Homestuck fandom and the Steven Universe fandom and every fandom in existance, especially when people wanted to draw art of the characters with different skintones from the show (where one character LITERALLY has hot-pink skin, and they made her dark-kinned.) While othering is a real thing (Aces like me deal wth it when being compared to robots, honestly), if you’re just doing it to enjoy your own PCs on your own, I don’t see why it should matter.

Oof. This is absolutely terrifying. My babies all died off WHILE INSIDE, and I’m so mad about it. So I wish you the best of luck!

This is a writer’s support thread. I’m going to ask that we all keep on the topic of writing and monthly goals, our boons, and our banes.

All other discussion would be best to be done elsewhere with tact.

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This is a different issue and one that involves fan-works and respecting the authors/creators of the original characters.

Sharing your interpretations of an author’s characters in a public setting involves numerous factors, including how an author feels about fan-works itself. These many factors come into play regardless if it is being shared as a hobby or for actual publication.

Sweeping generalizations, I do not think, address the topic adequately.

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Thank you, I will need it :blush:

How do you mean exactly? I am not a native English speaker so I am not sure what you mean… Thank you for the Tipp anyway :sweat_smile:.
I seems that you are referring to outside plants right?

I was referring to my 80 something houseplants😂 sorry if that was misleading.

The plants that are outside in summer are already inside thankfully. I am so sorry you lost your babies. O wouldn’t know how to cope :sob:.
I was actually quite shocked that it is so cold this year. The winter did arrive quite late the last few years . But of course not that one year I am moving house in December :cold_face:.
I hope you can find new specimen of all the plants that you lost when the temperature is better in spring🙏


Sorry I will stop

You are fine. Talking about making our surroundings beautiful to create our writing in is perfectly legit Writer Support Thread material.

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Speaking of keeping surroundings beautiful, this is not a very beautiful, Instagram-friendly photo but it shows some of my writing area including my desk pals the komodo dragon and lionfish. I love plants but do not have a knack of looking after them consistently so I have a cactus and a few spider plants elsewhere :cry:

I am pleased because although I didn’t do writing today, yesterday I did make a set of “skip to Chapter 2/3” etc subroutines. As I know it gets tiring to replay loads of times (or try to remember what you did on the last replay!), I thought it would be smart to add it into both versions when I do my Patreon update next week. And at some point in not-too-long, my released games should be getting the new checkpoint system and you’ll be able to restore to an earlier chapter from the stats menu, hooray!


ooh how lovely! Great set up!

Honestly I am dreeeeading getting checkpointing/save points set up. I haven’t even looked at it yet cause I want to wait until I’m ready to hit the go button before worrying about saving progress ><


I cannot emphasise enough how much easier the checkpoints are now that there are built-in commands for it, aha. If and when you are doing it yourself, if you run into problems do post in the help section and someone will happily give you a hand :slight_smile:

Edit: and thank you! Both the komodo and the lionfish are very cherished :smile:


So this is where the magic happens!


Oh I like your setup and can see how it is a good working environment :+1:
Also surrounding yourself with comfort is always helpful.
Cacti and spider plants are awesome :sunglasses::+1:. Plants should bring joy and if those are happy with you that is matters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also I like your dices I approve :joy: hope you have a good play with BG3 btw.
I can work better in a organised place but I am so messy by nature that it actually is to my detriment :upside_down_face:.

Thank you. I was a little spooked. But I didn’t want to be cluttering the thread. Plants are very important to my mental wellbeing and thus to my writing which is why I even mentioned it.


I’m trying to remember that I can reseed and grow new ones. TAT But it was rough for a while.

That Komodo dragon is AWESOME.

Wait that’s OUT now?! Last I heard they were just setting it up! Oh man, where’s the coding for that? Is it on the Wiki yet?!


Omg I am mortified. That is not the right smiley at all :scream: it should be this :sob:

Also I would recommend trying to find a local plant group on Telegram or something that can help you find the right seedlings and resources :pray:


Here it is!

@AletheiaKnights and a lot of chaos! Luckily because it’s a standing desk, I both have better back and shoulder health and the cats are less liable to jump up and get in the way.

My wife and I have a mostly-weekly online TTRPG gaming session with a couple of friends and the dice were leftover from that! BG3 is… going. I love it but I’ve played so slowly and had such a long break that I’ve lost momentum so I think I may start with a new character!


Holy moly I’m really late to the party…

I love the Komodo Dragon Hannah! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I skimmed through most of the thread, but it seems like we’re sharing things, so here’s my extensive fox plush collection :fox_face:

As for my monthly goals:

  • Figure out how the hell to create a tumblr page for my WiP. (like seriously, I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing in regards to this.)
  • Complete Act 2 Part 3
  • Begin work on the outline of Act 3
  • Cry about being in university until the 23rd of december :sob:

That’s all, hope you all have a productive end to 2023!


My magic happens over here–
Sorry my dog Lola is the way lol :sweat_smile:


Never, ever apologize for very good girl Lola. Please pet her for me.


My goals for december is to regain my motivation, and figure out which projects (writing and otherwise) that I want to focus on.
And to draw something every day, no matter what it is. My skills have suffered so much from lack of practice.