December 2023's Writer Support Thread

Very insightful and helpful article by Cataphrak. I’ve largely come to his same conclusions. For years, I was able to write 1k words a day, but the last year, I hit a slump and would often go days without writing.

Then on the days I did write, it’d be 200 words. I’m going to get back to trying to write 500 words a day minimum and I think that will get me out of this slump and get me feeling more confident in my writing again.


Is English your second language then?

If so, knowing 2 languages is a massive advantage for your novel. It opens a whole lot of possibility for characters and their languages in the future. There could be spots in your novel where a character speaks in Russian for a certain plot progression, or a translator with a character who doesn’t speak Russian in some scenes. Lots of possibility there!


Yeah, English is my second language. Although i don’t know how hiding information by using other language would work if most of my characters are Russian.


Well if they’re mostly russian, it may hold some degree of difficulty…it’ll take a lot of brainstorming. But that’s what writing is about, take the challenge and look for ways around it :slight_smile:


I don’t think that distinction exists in Finnish (never heard different word used for short and long books, unless it’s the one meaning “***ing huge book”, but that’s a specifier, not the base term) so I kinda… don’t really know how to wrap my mind around that.

My sentiment exactly (although different primary language :smiley:)


Novellas are basically 20k - 49,999 words. Just the in between just before a novel. They can be a little confusing


That’s all well and good, but when a concept flat out doesn’t exist in your brain, it’s kinda hard to remember you’d need to start comparing wordcounts. It took me years to remember before and until are different words, and I still need to re-check when I’m using one. (Imagine if you’d suddenly need to remember which word for tail you need to use based on the subject, if you’ve used “tail” all your life, and you might understand what I’m talking about.)

…which, incidentally, is something one can utilize when writing multilingual characters.

(To add to the confusion, the Finnish word for short story is almost the same than the word “novel”, while the word for novel is completely different.)


They have what they consider to be a bad day where they can’t write anything down and they skip that day. The day after that, they still feel like they can’t write anything, so they skip that day, and so on and so on, until days become weeks. Eventually, they’ll recapture that mood of excitement again, but the old idea will still seem too distant and too difficult to reapproach, so they pick a new one, and the cycle starts again.

OOF too real!

My november was good - I beat nanowrimo for one, which was kind of a case of like… I was shooting for a quick pace anyway so I figured I might as well add NaNo to the mix.

In spite of that, I didn’t actually finish the chapter I was trying to get completed. :sweat_smile: The words all went into the project but some got spread between different chapters; I jumped around a couple of times to get my gears unstuck.

The good news is that I think this chapter is now super close to being finished. I expect elements of it are gonna be kinda first drafty but it’s something I’ve accepted. hopefully chapter 3 being shorter and vastly less branched means I can knock both out in the next couple weeks. We’ll see!


New month new goals. I am looking to:

  1. Fix issues with me demo that have been brought to my attention.
  2. Fix/fully implement some systems that have been sitting in the background doing almost nothing.
  3. Editing the new material I wrote during NaNo and some older chapters.
  4. Finishing fight scenes in Chapter 24
  5. Finishing writing my final chapter.

Thanks as always @Eiwynn for the articles! :sparkles:

I completed my goal for November last night. Future note to self: don’t make two chapters where there are 3 distinct paths :sob: One is fun, two is too much work. Though I’m happy with the result, at least.

My goal for the coming month is to make a coherent tie between chapters 9 and 10. I’m trying to pare down the complexity of the plot and that’s going to involve bringing a lot together in 10, and both removing/adding some details in 9. I’ve already made a good start! It helps so much that I had a bit of 10 already written.

I’ll cut it there to avoid the post getting too long or dev diary-esque - Good luck to everyone this month! I’m rooting for us all :grin:


TAT <looks at my little 2/3 done chapter, and the fiveish months it took me to write it.>

That said, even if you do manage to write 500k words in one month (I did that once, it was not good for my mental health or sanity) that is not a full novel. That’s the first draft of a novel. And you’ll have to do a LOT of editing to make it reasonably good.

December’s goals

  • Finish Chapter One of Phoenix Rising
  • Get two months worth of posts up on Nascent Soul Studios tumblr
  • Put up a new version of the demo.
  • Fix the footnote framework
  • Finish making the graphics for the translations as well
  • finish something. Anything. Please, for the love of all that’s holy.
  • Enjoy the holidays.

Random thought, I vaguely recall reading some old topic where someone was thinking putting pictures in game as a DLC or so, and an idea of VN-esque gallery was thrown around. I wonder if that kind of design would be worth the hassle, I kinda like it in theory.


IMHO, this is doable. Especially with the fact that event CGs can be coded in a page to represent an important event, like, introducing an RO.

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Happy holidays to all you mooks.


Amazing to see everyone as always! I’ve a goal to finish my fifth chapter by the end of this month. I’ve already got the skeleton of the story in place, so right now it’s a matter of filling out all the branching and cutting out any meandering or repetitive bits.


Oh, the coding’s a breeze, it’s the art that is a hassle. Making, say, thirty full-effort illustrations is way too much of a time investment if nobody’s willing to pay extra for it. (Don’t take me wrong, I like making art, but I need to pay rent. It’s the number one reason I stopped modding and started to work on my own IP in the first place.)

Speaking of which, I showed the first sketch last month so I figured I might show the current stage of this one.

(Should probably focus on the box art of my space opera instead of making portraits for characters I may or may not end up writing, but eh.)

Now to see if I could actually get some writing in today.


oh nice art!! looks really cool

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I feel kinda bad for not updating my WIP this November, but the chapter I’m writing is kinda long and multi-branched, so I feel justified enough. And I have some hopes for December since writing is coming surprisingly easily to me at the moment. Just today I wrote a long dialogue tree about the mechanics of a space station and the dietary habits of space wyverns, which is certainly something.


Writing related:
I really hope I get the rework of my outline finished so I can get back into writing.:pray:
Finally get the scenes out of my head that are keeping me awake but am afraid to write down least I loose interest in my own story (going to try to actually write in order of the story for once)
Update my story post and reopen the thread once I am ready.
Write a banger of a paper in corporate finance because I love the subject but suck at exams and it can help my grade.

Not writing related: survive the move to another city without loosing any of my plants with the temperature being well under 0°celsius.
Getting my anxiety in check so I can finally look at my email to see if I can write the bachelor I want to.


From your post, it seems to me that you are “othering” them.

By attributing animalistic characteristics to only non-binary folk, you are implying that non-binary folk are different from binary folk.

Here is an article that explains everything in more detail, and I hope it helps everyone.

Edit: If this is something people want to discuss further, we can make a new thread to do so. The Writer Support Thread is not the place to get into a deep discussion about othering.