January 2024's Writer Support Thread

This month I have not really been active or even lurking in this thread, I guess the sharing day is not a bad time to join in.

  1. I have added a little of explainations, but I want to add more.
  2. I have added an injury system and exhaustion system to my demo.
  3. I did not finish this by the end of last year.
  4. This is what I am currently stuck on. Combat with so many power options tires me out.
  5. I semi did this. The chapter isn’t done, but I have written one of the endings!

This months goals:

  1. Finish writing the combat in Chapter 24
  2. Add more endings
  3. Start writing the RO sub plots back into the story.

I am having a hard time on figuring out what to share. Most things are in major spoiler territory that I have been working on recently.


Dawn of Heroes Chapter 25 Spoiler Snippet
Providence sees our approach and starts to cast a spell to fight us off and she flies higher in the air. @{Flight I take off after her and catch her by the foot. I throw the woman back to the earth. | Hivemind chases her until he catches her. Before her spell can be finished, he throws her to the rest of us.} Breaker leaps at the woman and I can already smell the ozone in the air before her punch lands but does nothing. Of course, Providence would insulate her armor.

I @{HasMartialArts slide to the other side of Providence and kick | roll to the opposite side of Providence and punch } her head back to Breaker. The two of us ping pong her head back and forth until she breaks away. @{ProvidenceWings Her wings activate in a fury driving us from our feet as she takes off back into the air. | she points a hand as each of us before unleashing blasts of energy at us. Not strong enough to kill us, but enough to drive us away.}

The angel starts to charge a blast using both palms. It grows is size faster than I expect, allowing her to fire it directly at the ground.

	#I take cover.
		*goto Dodge6
	*if ForcefieldOthers
		#I shield everyone on the battlefield.
			*goto ShieldAll6
	*elseif Forcefield
		#I pull up my forcefield.
			*goto Forcefield6
		#Someone else protects me from the attack.
			*goto Shielded6

*label Dodge6
There is no time to stop her, only enough time to take cover @{(P1Speed >= 40) I dash behind a pillar and hope that it is enough to stop the attack. | I leap for a pillar but I do not move fast enough.} Providence's attack hits the ground, and the blast sends out a shockwave before the physical energy spreads every direction, striking everything.

*goto Continue6
*label ShieldAll6
My first thought as the attack is moments away from hitting the ground is to make sure that everyone is safe. I quickly gather up everyone's locations before throwing up barriers over everyone. Providence's attack hits the ground and it sends out a shockwave that my shields easily absorb. Then a wave of visible energy hits and all of the shields rattle.

Once I feel safe that there is not more to the attack, I dismiss the forcefields.

*goto Continue6
*label Forcefield6
The only protection I can rely on is my own. I throw up a forcefield just in time to absorb the impact of a shockwave before a second burst of energy radiates from the impact. Once more my shield shakes off the attack in strides.

*goto Continue6
*label Shielded6
There is no time for me to react and properly defend myself. I pull my hands up in front of myself to shield myself the best that I can until 
*if not(HivemindInjuried)
	*set HivemindInjuried true
	Hivemind and several of his drones land in front of me taking most of the blasts.
*elseif not(GenesisInjuried)
	*set GenesisInjuried true
	Gensis drops in front of me and places a shield in front of both of us.
*elseif not(BreakerInjuried)
	*set BreakerInjuried true
	Breaker knocks me to the ground and covers us both in her cape.
	*set CamouflageInjuried true
	I am knock to the ground by someone I cannot see. Camouflage appears before me as she braces to take the attack.
The force of the first attack hits us but does little, my guardian relaxes just for a second wave to come out. Before either of us can react, the attack hits and knocks us away from Providence.

We scramble to our feet, not wanting to give the @{ProvidenceWings fallen angel | power armored fighter } time to try as second one of those.

*label Continue6

Writing buddies are the best. I won’t say that I could not have come this far without them, but it makes things so much easier.