December 2023's Writer Support Thread

Hopefully this gives motivation for some people–
But here’s Lola again from our morning walk yesterday! :smile:


What a beauty!


@AletheiaKnights and yes she says hi! :laughing:


Lola looks like she would be a very good addition to the Fur Babies (pet pictures) thread.


If you need help, I’ve been a Tumblrina since 2012. I’m happy to assist.

Holy shit your setup is pretty.

Today I realized that half of the work I was doing on my translation systems could be handled much easier with a subroutine. TAT And now I have to design the subroutine. TAT


Goals for December:

Prepare for IFComp 2024. Enough said. No photos of my work area since it’s too ugly.


My goal for December is to seriously work on Daemonglass and have at least another chapter done.

My goal for today which directly affects my goal for the month is to track down what happened to my old version of the game as it seems to be missing a couple of important scenes which is what I’m using for my rewrite of the 2017 version of the game.

edit: I’ve finally found it under the old name it had but now I’m just annoyed it took me so long to find it so now I’m taking a break because this has annoyed me. But at least I have something to work with again.


I was reading some articles about… well, the word would literally translate as “witchcraft”, but I’ve been led to believe that word has a somewhat different meaning in English. Anyway, that made me think of a discussion between two characters where character A is explainig the character B that character C, who is a wolf-shifter, shouldn’t be called a werewolf, even though that’s what most people think they are.

And now I'm thinking something like this.

B: “Why?”
A: “Magic. The answer is always magic.”

(Originally, A’s line was “I have no idea. Something about their folklore.”)

Of course, the fact how words have power is kinda essential to the whole worldbuilding, so.

Also sidenote, I progressed from lineart to some base colors in that drawing I've been working on. Might also explain how drawing is part of my WRITING process. Or maybe it doesn't, I wouldn't know. It's not like I'd need to sort it out for myself.

Speaking of writing spaces, I don’t have a dedicated one. I don’t use a desktop, so I generally write wherever I can sit comfortably enough.

You keep using that, but I have no idea what it means, so could you please clarify?


:sob: Welcome to my existence :joy:. I just copy pasted my WIP forum post and now I have to rework both. I am not sure yet if I will keep them the same.
Also Tumblr just confuses me so much… Which means I mostly use it now to stalk other Ifs :sweat_smile:. But have gotten two asks already so it is not dead I guess.


I was going to post here, but figured it was worth making another thread for it - if you want to share where your characters come from, and whether you draw from yourself or from other inspiration, please do!


My writing space isn’t really dedicated, I do most of my school work there so…
I mean I wish I could just lay on my bed and write, but If I do I’ll just fall asleep :laughing:

(And your art is amazing :star_struck: )


I’ve run into the stupidest block. I am nearly done with another demo-piece but have stalled over the weekend because my brain decided to hyperfocus on a song and then a playlist that is entirely wrong for writing the scene. And my autistic asshole brain refuses to listen to anything else right now so I am just sat here looping stuff that just gets me further away from the mood I need.

Auhg. I just needed to complain somewhere. I’m defrosting the freezer instead, hopefully, it will work Monday morning as long as I don’t make the mistake of listening to the song as soon as I wake up.


me: gets a cool adjustable sit/stand desk to help my back and have a proper office for writing
also me: I think I will do most of my work on the sofa hunched up like a gremlin

really just need to get around to buying a proper chair.


The Writer Support threads are a “safe space” to vent, so no one should disrespect another for venting here.

:revolving_hearts: .

I started the weekend off well with regard to working on Patchwerks. I hope to carry this through for the entire first week of December.


Thank you for saying that. This is why i keep posting here.


When I get into hyperfocus for a song specifically I try to disrupt it by listening to it on repeat while I clean the house. It’s often until late into the night or even through the night but it helps more often than not and I don’t have such a bad conscious because I used the time to clean


Today hasn’t been my best day in terms of overall productivity (I slept Not so focus bad), but I have successfully completed the first path that routes the entire way through my second chapter and into the third!

I’m stoked. I still have several more chunks of it to finish, but the end of this beast of a chapter is on the horizon.


Oops! Sorry, it’s old internet slang. Basically TAT = :sob:


So Tumblr works on a premise of You gotta follow others, and you gotta spam tags. (only a certain number of the first tags you put in work, but the more tags your post has, the more legit it looks.) So follow people who post things you like, and post things with tags in them. Also, Reblog other peoples’ posts. For the love of god. If all you have on your blog is your own posts, people are gonna think you’re a bot.

Also, there’s a built in QUEUE, which lets you fill it up with posts/blogs/reblogs etc, and then it AUTO POSTS them for you at certain times throughout the day. Fill up that queue, and you’ll have more engagement.


Hello guys. Just a lil help here.

I’m not too fancy on the idea of writing romance so I was wondering if those who are more adept in that genre could answer my question.

In your words, what makes for a good romance story? Or, what hooks you and makes you interested in following the relationship of two characters?