December 2021's Writer Support Thread

How could this ever happen? Don’t worry, I am always here for you! :love_letter:


Starting December by hunting down and trying to recreate a persistent bug. One of the small but very annoying ones. Fixing it will probably be a matter of one line of code, if that. I feel my code monkey sense tingling.

Otherwise, just continuing the momentum of November. I have a whole list of comments in my code reminding me to test things and finesse phrasing. I also have three unfinished scenes, and finishing at least one of those has to be a December goal. No more starting new scenes until I’ve finished the ones I’ve got danging. It’ll be a feat of self-control, but I can do it.


Still worldbuilding. No progress on plot, but lots of irrelevant stuff, like I am now math-ing out all the different sorts of populations that exist in this universe, and then using statistics to classify them.

Why am I chasing down every little “what” and “why” to its very ends? This is not going to matter at all, maybe it could be background information that some characters know and never mention since it’s not important (or even maybe it’s such “common knowledge” that is redundant for them to mention), but it still bothers me to leave them unanswered…


You are still in the fase: I want everything all togheter
The next fase will be something like: more of this one, less of that one, this one is get the spotlight, that one just a day in limelight, this one is just background, that one will be for another WIP etc.
Warning: that fase imply you have actually started writing.


It has been a little while since posting on one of these. I hope everyone is doing alright! My goal for this month is to get at least two of the three conversation options done for the character scene I’m working on, along with their second extra scene. I should have much more time after classes are over, so here’s hoping I get it! Good luck on your goals this month everyone!


I’ve outlined like six full stories in the last month and none of them are exciting enough to write :frowning:
Not sure if i’m being too picky or just finding an excuse to be lazy


Should I start a thread or should I wait?

Hi everyone! As you probably remember, I am writing a new eastern-flavored fantasy HG. I wrote quite a lot so far, but I didn’t reach a “very important turning point” yet.

The question is: should I wait until I reach the “very important turning point” before creating the dev thread or should I post my work immediately? So far I wrote 3 chapters that sum up to 30K words.

What should I do? :frowning_face:


I think you should wait until having a solid demo that give the player a solid foundation of what the project is about so they can give you feedback


Another full chapter completed and started on the same day! I can’t do that every day but it sure is satisfying. This one was 4,400 words; the last thousand were almost spur of the moment, just like “hey wouldn’t it be cool if this one character figured out the whole deal way earlier than you’d expect” and hell yeah it worked, fun scene, got to pelt some birds with a spatula

Definitely wait until the turning point!


I hope everyone’s week is going well.

Last night, while closing everything down and making my backups, I had a “misclick” moment. I thought that I had undone 12,000 words worth of work by misclicking my mouse.

Luckily, I avoided that, but it still was a stressful moment.

I’m doing some testing today, but I hope to be back on my writing later.

I agree with both @poison_mara and @will here. The turning point will be a cliffhanger/hook for your readers and you will have established everything, ready to move forward once you reach that point.

Your ability to rapid-write is something I hope to build up to. My average per day this month is still good for me, but it does not reach 4,000 words.

Thanks for sharing. It is inspirational.


Omg! Losing 12k words would have been a tragedy!

So glad to hear everything is ok.

Ok I will wait until I reach the turning point.


I am struggling with my depression. It is hard for me to write when I feel nobody enjoys it or like I don’t help anyone else to have a good time, thanks to my stories. Maybe I am just too bad and should stop writing forever. After all, no one would care or miss my writings.


@poison_mara I love your writings and you know it :gift_heart: Don’t let a few trolls bring you down. Focus on people who love you. :beers:


Thanks my friend, it makes me feel better.


@poison_mara I think your writing is probably better than the feedback you’ve received suggests. That being said, I think the link below might be motivating for you.


Happy Early Christmas to all you writers out there. Hope you have a wonderful Jolly Day :partying_face: :partying_face: :santa: :mrs_claus: :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow: :snowman:


Be picky. These are major time investments. Better to take a little while to choose the best one for where you are at right now than to latch onto the first idea you have and ending up spinning your wheels.

While typing this it made me a bit unsure of myself, if that’s exactly what I did with Day After Ever After. Especially since I am struggling so much with the last major chapter, an experience that has felt more like writing Toaster than Parenting. But I have to remember that this was the story that broke me out of an entire year of getting very little writing done, and for that alone it earned its existence. Plus, discovery requires experimentation, and this one is going to be quite experimental for good and for ill.


I am still in a very dark spot. I try to keep writing at least a line each day. But, I feel like I am the worst writer ever, and nobody will enjoy my stories.

It doesn’t help that each time I present a game, I don’t get feedback beyond trolls.


That really sucks, sorry you are going through with that. I’ve checked out your submission in Vampire Game Jam, do you want me to give a constructive criticism on what went wrong with your game?


Of course, that will be very useful not to commit the same mistakes again. Thanks for taking the time in reading it.

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