Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting


What if it’s a falling coconut used by aliens to put you in a coma and make it easier to kidnap you?

Also I think I’ll have to look at Dashingdon again. It’s been awhile since I last checked it out. Seems like a lot has changed.


Seems convoluted when all they’d have to do at this point is ask. I mean… the upcoming election… yikes… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, welcome to the DashingDon moderator team! Everyone bother @NeoHeartless now with your DashingDon issues :grin: I’m now on vacation! ahha


I demand paid vacation -_-


Anyways hello to everyone. If you need something on Dashingdon just message me here with an @NeoHeartless or pm me and title the first part of your pm as DASHINGDON.


Two quick fixes in place this morning:

  • The compiled option was not displaying even if the compiled HTML file existed.
  • Some characters in game titles / author names were causing upload and URL issues.

Apologies if you experienced either of these issues. Fixed now! Thanks

UPDATE: You may now use an email address for the Feedback URL if you wish. Noticed that a couple authors had done so while I was fixing issues so I put in functionality to support it.

The Lost Heir Trilogy

It’s really nice to get to see all the WIP in one place~ :blush:


I tried the screen-reader and it works for me. Thank you very much. I already made an account and set everything into private for the time being. Thanks for doing this, really.


Glad to hear it. :smile: Feel free to send me a message or reply in this thread if you do encounter any issues. Thanks!


So this… is the power of Dashingdon… Whoa…


I’ve never bothered to look into this because Dropbox always worked for me, until the day it didn’t.

Now I came back crawling to this thread and I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the idea and the site overall.

Thank you so much for making this available to us, I really appreciate it!


Anyone like stats? Not me. But here’s some graphs anyway:

DashingDon.com is running at about… 1.5% capacity at the highest traffic. Now, I’m not very good at mathematics or statistical analysis or peeling bananas, but I estimate this means the server could tolerate about 2.7A8 more earthfuls of users (or 71,42P.33m if you’re using the Mars metric system, which you are not).

Again, I’m not a statisticalogistographer (and no one else is either), but the data seems pretty clear.


I studied statisticalogistography in school, so with my advanced knowledge I’d just like to say: those are some nice graphs. :slight_smile:


ok. translate it for people like me who go glassy-eyed at the sight of those graphs.


Rubs eyes

I give up.


Dear Dashingdon,

I really need the maximum compiled game size limit upped significantly… At present my compiled game is 3.64MB, and the max compiled size limit is 2MB. Your max individual scene size is 1MB, while my two scenes so far are both over 1MB.


I can help with that, pm me your username on dashingdon.


Quick announcement. With the increase of WiPs on dashingdon (Yay!) more and more WiPs are being buried in the back of the list of WiPs (Boo!).

To help alleviate this I will be promoting games to the front page when they are updated. For now, simply message me, on here or privately when you have updated your game on dashingdon and I will promote it to the front page.

Alternatively, you may ask once a week to have your game posted to the front page even if you haven’t updated it so that you can generate interest and let people know that your WiP exists.

Also, authors don’t forget to add a link to your thread so people may be redirected to your thread for feedback!

So go on, while you’re on dashingdon. Explore the numerous WiPs we have available. We’re slowly growing each day!


Teeny updoots

  • “Discuss This Game” or “Email This Author” links now appear on actual game pages (above the DashingDon and ChoiceOfGames links) if the game has a Feedback URL
  • You may now trigger an update for your game without requiring a Tweet to be made (link is right below the Tweet link)
  • There’s now a “View Full Description” link on each game card that will show a description pop-up because I noticed the scrollbox was kind of fiddly on longer descriptions


Unfortunately, due to several cases of individuals uploading non-CS ‘compiled game’ HTML files, I have been forced to disable the option to upload an HTML file by default. While most of the uploaded non-CS HTML files were innocuous, one contained both pornographic images (linked offsite, of course) and ‘affiliate’ links to pornography. Luckily I caught that as soon as it went up as I keep an eye on the site on workdays.

The good news is that everyone with an account on DashingDon.com has been grandfathered in to allow HTML uploads (so no worries if you have an existing game using HTML or will be using an HTML version in the future).

The bad news is that all new accounts will have to contact either myself or a moderator (that means @NeoHeartless at this time) to be allowed HTML uploads. This will hopefully prevent irrelevant HTML uploads as the person requesting will have to message here on the forums or via a valid email address and therefore be at least somewhat accountable for their actions.

I am sorry for the new restriction. :disappointed: I hope everyone using DashingDon.com now and in the future will understand why this was necessary.

Thank you


I feel your pain in this, try to do something nice and a bad apple tries to sneak in.


This is more then likely why the other site has dropped its support. May I make a suggestion: You make it a requrement that an account on your site must have bona-fides to being an author here in this community or other legit writer sites?