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Perhaps include the requirement that they have a forum account that is at least a month old?


Bots and those malicious sites will bake accounts to mature over time tho… that is why the dual credential idea would be better.


@dashingdon One thing that is weirding me out is that even if I make a 360x195 image and names it as you suggest I should, it still zooms in and shows up nothing like the actual image I wanted. So is it height 360 and width 195 or the other way around? It’s no biggie, just weird. Have uploaded so many variants now and never once managed to get a not cropped version.

Also, one question! What do I need to do to implement the save system? The setup I had in dropbox before worked, but now things seems not to. I clicked the button, but is there more?


CJW’s save plugin is enabled on all games, the checkbox on the Game Details page is for use of CJW’s save menu extension, which requires the *sm_init code be present at the start of the game or there will be an error.

Which save system are you using?

Also yes, the width is 360 pixels and the height is 195 pixels for the game card picture. I adjusted your picture to fit the specs, hope you don’t mind.


I have got the save system working now thank you! I was using the old system, this new one seems much cooler though, Just took me a moment to figure out where to put the *sm_init code… I had it in the wrong place.

And thank you!


View game code on DashingDon:

It’s been asked a couple times so I thought I’d address the question here. To view the scene .txt files on non-compiled games, simply add scenes to the end of the URL. Example:

Original Game URL: https://dashingdon.com/play/dashingdon/the-burden/mygame/
View Code Files: https://dashingdon.com/play/dashingdon/the-burden/mygame/scenes

For compiled games, just right click your mouse on an empty area of the page and select View Source. What comes up is kind of messy with code and not pleasantly formatted, but that’s the source of the game.

How To See Other Games' Code

Two minor fixes/changes:

  • Logins would expire and prevent users from being able to upload scenes/assets or edit their game details. Now when a user’s login expires they are directed to the login screen to login again.
  • There is now a link for users to click on the upload screen that will allow them to see the scenes TXT files they have upload previously.


I am also having the Overwrite issue. Yes, it’s definitely a cache thing.

I uploaded some files, but in the Scene List and Play Through, it still shows the old ones. But, when I play test on my iPad, it’s up to date.

So, I completely cleared my Cache and it works fine now.

Problem is: I’m Beta Testing. How can I be certain that my beta testers aren’t using old cached files?

Also, at work I can clear my cache with no real worries, but, sometimes you don’t want to dump your entire cache.

Is this an issue that can be fixed? Is this occurring a lot, or was this just a rare issue that may not occur again?


One option is for browsers like Firefox, if they open a “private” session, it should be a clean copy. Safari calls private sessions something else but its on that browser as well. I’m sure if these two have them, the other major browsers should too,


Hmm. I have implemented code that should prevent caching but after checking it myself, it seems that some browsers (and mainly IOS devices) are ignoring the no-cache instructions and caching the files anyway. Annoying.

I’m going to keep researching to hopefully find a solution.


@dashingdon Actually, it was my iOS iPad that behaved. It was a Windows Chrome browser that was acting up.

@Eiwynn That’s a good idea. A clean way to be sure the newest files are in use, thanks!


I see I can add scenes and overwrite them, but is there any way to remove a scene that I’m no longer using? Thanks.


Hmm nope. I guess that wasn’t actually on my list of features. Weird, because it seems pretty basic (though not from a coding standpoint).

I’ll add it to the list of pending updates. Thanks!

EDIT: On a side note, Dashingdon.com just surpassed 500 members! In celebration of this notable occasion, I will… um… have some whiskey on ice. Oh! I just happen to be already doing that now. How fortuitous!


Sorry for potentially asking this again (I tried searching the forums but couldn’t find any obvious answers, my files are below 1mb, etc), but how do I get my game to show images? I loaded them up, but they still don’t show up (I tried both in firefox and google chrome, but nothing).

(By the way, I’m not sure I’ve thanked you before, but I really like your website!)


Thanks for the kudos @adrao

The problem with your images is the naming format. The server treats any links as case-sensitive, so for instance in the Exit Zamora scene you are referencing *image map1a.jpg when the file is actually named Map1a.jpg (with a capital M).

Also in your first scene, there’s an *image mapA.jpg but I don’t see that particular file in your uploads.

So the images are going to have to be renamed or the references changed. I changed the reference in the scene file for Exit Zamora to *image Map1a.jpg to test out the theory and the map does show up on the second page of that scene now.

Let me know if I can help out. Thanks


Ah, thanks for that… it was pretty stupid of me not to notice that!

Anyway, it works perfectly now, thanks!!



Do you have any idea how long it would take for the new files to show up rather than cached files? Or does only clearing the cache work?


I have yet to figure out how to get every OS/browser to not cache the txt files. You can however open the game in a private/incognito window and that will always utilize the latest files.


I just compiled my project - I try to upload it and dashingdon site keeps rejecting it. The limit is suppossed to be 2mb but the file size is only 550kb. I am very confused right now.


@Eiwynn please PM me details (DashingDon username etc) and I’ll look into it. Thanks