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My compiled games are .htm, rather than .html, and it doesn’t look like I can upload them without changing the extension (which is doable, but a bit of a hassle on a Windows machine).


Golly gosh cheese on a cracker, what an oversight. Now .htm files can be uploaded as well.


That’s odd, it still doesn’t seem to work… In fact, now I can’t get either to work. Does it prevent the upload if there’s already an uploaded file?

Also, the Playtest Game button seems to lead to the standard version, not the compiled version, even if the link on the main site goes to the compiled version.


Yeesh, It’s been a long day! I obviously need some sleep with these goofs haha :sleeping:

But I did fix the upload issue and the playtest link on the manage page will now link to the appropriate version (you have to refresh the page if you change it – I’ll fix it so the refresh is not necessary tomorrow).

Thanks for your help!


It’s raining updates around here.

  • Editing and uploading files is now less compartmentalized and more user-friendly
  • TXT files are now prevented from being cached, so updated scenes will show immediately (on compliant browsers)
  • Authors now have the option of providing “feedback” URL for readers to find your game discussion here at Choice of Games (or elsewhere if you’re a heathen) - button will appear on the bottom left of your game card
  • Some database updates that nobody cares about; not even me

That’s it for now. On the docket next I think is adding categories so that people can find what they like. Maybe search functionality. I dunno.

EDIT I just put in functionality to allow Twitter posts to the @dashingdon_com Twitter account when your game is first made available or when it is updated. I was messing with Twitter for something else the other day and thought, eh, why not? I dunno if anyone will use it or follow it or whatever but that account won’t be used for anything other than game updates so maybe people will like it. People like weird things. Any feedback on this option would be good to have - even if you think it’s dumb and should be put out of its misery like Old Yeller. Thanks.

Oh yeah, also as a by-product of that I made “short” URLs for games available. They show up in your Manage Games area so you can share the more succinct URLs if you want (instead of dashingdon.com/play/super-awesome-guy/this-is-my-cool-game-name/mygame it would just some something like dashingdon.com/go/###)

EDIT AGAIN There’s nothing tweeted on that account right so first one to do it wins… uh… the first tweet!

Isn’t that exciting?

No, you say?


Updating games on dashingdon [ANSWERED]

Just (belatedly) tested the Twitter functionality and it works brilliantly, very easy to use.

This has terrific potential as a means of being kept easily informed of any updates to all the various dashingdon-hosted WIPs I’m most interested in following (and a few I may not have otherwise noticed!), without having to be constantly checking various WIP threads or whatever – it just needs more authors making use of the facility, and more actual followers to encourage that use… One kinda feeds off the other, no?

One suggestion to actively encourage more actual followers would be an unmissable mention of this wonderful facility (and a follow button!) near the very top of the actual homepage / games listing, so all future visitors are properly made aware of the potential benefits.


Awesome! Glad the feature is getting some use. I do think it has potential but you’re right, it’s gonna need to ramp up on use and followers to be of any real value.

As per your suggestion, I’ve added a button at the very top of the site for following the account. Let me know if it’s too gaudy or intrusive. I tried a few different options but went with the custom button in the end. But I could go with something more subtle.


Wow, that was quick! :slight_smile:

IMO it’s perfect - it has to stand out to serve its vital purpose and that does the job nicely.


hey you still working on your game because I love it and would like to know if I can live the dream of playing your game or should I just bury my hopes


It hasn’t even been two weeks since they last posted on their thread… :cold_sweat: Patience is a virtue, friend. So is following the forum rules against asking authors when their next update will be.


yeah my bad just I last update I could find on anything related was from last year so no idea whatsoever about what was happening


Depends on which person they’re replying to. If it’s Vendetta… Well, I’m pretty pessimistic.

@yougal You can find the forum rules here, by the way.


Just had a more serious look, but alas, the 500 KB limit on txt files isn’t going to accommodate a couple of mine. :slight_smile: Clearly a terrific resource, though.


More than happy to override that limit for the good members of the forum (especially for my favorite authors!). I think you’ll find your account no longer has any practical limit for uploads. :grin:

I recently did the same for @jeantown as well, because I absolutely refuse to go without my Guenevere fix. :yum:

EDIT: Also a small update has been added which will bump a game up to the front of the listings if an update is tweeted about it. Considering allowing authors to bump their games with an update without a tweet (such as just click a “My game has been updated” link) - that a good idea? Or stick with tweets?


Many thanks to @dashingdon for being super-helpful as I got Guenevere set up in its new home!


This is a good idea because not everyone uses tweets (still). Shocking as it may be.


Yeah, I don’t have a twitter account, so I’m inclined to agree, except that it’s hard to imagine the option wouldn’t be abused by people wanting to keep their game at the top of the page. Maybe a limit on how many times per month you can bump your game?


Perhaps the button only becomes enabled after a fresh upload? Still abuseable I guess but a lot of trouble for not much reward I think.


You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.



Well, as it is set up now, you don’t necessarily need a Twitter account. The tweets are made on the dashingdon_com Twitter account, so the authors do not need to worry about having their own account to promote their work and the dashingdon_com account acts as a centralized place for notifications of the latest additions and updates to the games on the site.

Regardless of that, you’ve all made good points and I will implement the ability to trigger an update on your work perhaps once every few days or so without a tweet required.

And now for a…

DashingDon.com Update: Moderators…

I have created a moderation system on DashingDon.com so that members and games can be administered by people other than myself. If you would like to take on the responsibility of being a DashingDon moderator, please message me with your DashingDon username here on the forum.

Moderators have all the abilities I do on DashingDon.com, so if I go into a coma via a falling coconut or get abducted by aliems the site shall be able to go on without me.

If you ask to moderate DashingDon.com, I will have to look through your post history here on the forum to decide if you’re a good fit, so please keep that in mind. You must be a scrupulous (and hopefully genial) person to undertake this responsibility. Of course, forum moderators are a shoe-in for this role (but I know you mods here already have a lot on your plate so no worries if you’d rather not!).

Also be aware that all moderator actions will be logged here: https://dashingdon.com/modlog/ Moderators acting out of sorts will of course swiftly lose their position.