Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting

Hi! this looks awesome and i plan on using it, but i have an auto-save plugin installed that’s a JS file and im unsure if it would work with us only uploading the script files. The file is located in the web folder but not with the scenes, and i doubt it would just work by uploading it with them. Do you think there is any other way for me to get that up there with the other files i have?

Sure, just PM me and I will place the file in the appropriate directory manually

I seem to have trouble uploading and overwriting my old files with the new versions of them on the Dashingdon site, this seems to be a problem. The game file works fine in Firefox though…

Sorry, I’ve been busy at work lately. Can you tell me if you’re still having this issue and can you provide any more details if so? Thanks

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Yes, I still have this issue. What happens is that I upload the txt files, but it takes several tries to upload the new files to the dashingdon server, so I end up uploading the same txt files many times in a row for the new files to “take effect”.

Ah it’s probably a cache issue. Can you try in a new incognito / private browser window and see if the changes take the first time?

Regarding cache issues, I recently learned that if you’re using Windows pressing CTRL+F5 will force a refresh of a page so that you don’t have to clear your cache.

Hey, can you help me use your website? I follwed all the directions but I always get this error

“The requested URL /play/Rounak-Bhunia/lord-of-dust/mygame/ was not found on this server.”

@Imon Found the problem - I didn’t code the system to account for spaces in the username (and therefore spaces in the URL). I changed your username to RounakBhunia (no space) and the game comes up fine now.

Let me know if all’s good. Thanks

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thank you very much, btw is there any way to look at exactly which files are uploaded?

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to view uploaded files unless you access them directly. The site is really basic as I put it together over a weekend though I do plan on adding features such as this when there is enough usage / demand.


no problem, and just to clarify, the save system you have is based on scenes right? It saves after every scene?

This is absolutely beautiful.
Everything is so clean and minimalist, I am so grateful for this.
Dropbox was butchering my index file for some reason.
Thank you so much for this.


Thanks! :smile: I’ve been away with work for the past few months but I’m glad to see it’s still being useful after the time I put into it

@Imon I think so. I can’t quite recall and can’t check at this moment but I’m fairly certain that’s the case.

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This site is an absolute lifesaver. I LOVE it. I’m really dopey with computer stuff, but even I could use it - and without you I’d be really struggling with two massive projects I’m working on right now - a major collaboration (with lots of people playtesting and re-playtesting the various sections) and my IF comp entry (which has to be private, but I can still just give out the url and anyone can play it instantly).

Thank you so, so much.

Good to hear. Thanks. Hopefully soon I’ll have some time to put in a few updates like SSL, categories, etc.

I don’t wanna hate, because it seems like people love this and it’s certainly a good idea. I’m just curious: Why not SSL? It is just because certificates are kind of a PITA to get (and cost money?) and manage or is there some other technical concern? I’m a web developer, so feel free to get technical in your answer, if you do answer. And it’s cool if you don’t wanna get into it.

Honestly, it’s just laziness haha - have you ever seen a mechanic’s car? Most of them never want to work on their own stuff and I suspect it’s the same with most of us developers.

I do intend to get SSL on it, probably this weekend, along with a few other updates (if I’m not too hungover on Sunday). I’ve also been meaning to clean up the code and put it on a GitHub repository in case any other developers feel the itch to contribute to the cause. Nothing like passing the buck to relieve the burden! :joy:

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Hey that’s what open source is for. But I totally understand having a side project with TODOs all over it and looking at it on the weekend and going, “… Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeh,” and then playing more video games or taking a nap or something instead. Totally feel that.

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I can’t upload my scenes - what I’m doing wrong???

Uploading stop at 74 or 90 %, while I’m uploading “startup” text file.