Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting

You can see the code for compiled games.


Thanks, I knew there was a way, but thought it was harder than it was so never went looking. Much appreciated.

What is SSL and how does it work?

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This is a fantastic idea - thanks for putting in the time to create this.

I tried to upload my public demo to there, but it isn’t working for me. I uploaded all of the relevant scene files, plus a sketch to use for a temporary cover (one was .jpg called dashpic, one was actually called dashpic.jpg)

I am getting a 404 error when trying to access the game, and the cover image isn’t showing up either. It was 250 kb but was going to be sized down anyway, since the image size was bigger.

Ok found the issue and got it fixed :grin: I had the links set to lowercase but you registered your username with a capital at the start - which is totally fine I just didn’t account for it for some reason. Your game is showing up (including image) and works now. (That image is great by the way I dig the style :smile:).

I clicked through a few options to ensure that everything is functioning and going demon results in a 404 so I guess you haven’t gotten all the scenes files uploaded yet. You can only do 20 at a time for the uploads but there’s no limit to the total number of scenes. I also received an error missing stat_cap.txt (but again probably due to not having all the scenes in - apologies if you attempted to load up the whole batch and the ones after the 20 limit were skipped).

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Hm, I loaded fewer than 20 at a time, but I’ll check and see that they’re all there.

Edit: Uploaded the stat_cap scene (that’s also what broke the early options.) As of now there is no way to see what scenes are currently uploaded to your game folder, unless I’m missing something? So I might not have added everything correctly in the first place.

I see it here:


Capital S on Stat. But I see in Character_Creation.txt it’s looking for stat_cap (all lowercase).

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Oh, is that the issue? I haven’t had anything yell at me for coding it that way… unless… Hey, I just figured out why *finish sometimes doesn’t find the right next scene! That has been bugging me for a month now!

amateur coder victory dance

Also, I got an error screen after attempting a post-stat cap-upload playthrough directing me to a COG support email:

Temporarily removing the public link on DashingDon while I standardize the capitals the way I should’ve done in the first place.

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I am not a programmer so happy to see you doing this. Was trying to offer something like this on choiceofbox, but did not have the skills to do so. I will add a link for it when I have time. Great job.

Thanks. Also, if you like, I will be happy to provide the code and assistance in setting up another instance of this system on your website once I ensure the bugs are squashed and I get my disorganized programming better structured. Never hurts to have more options for everyone! :smile:

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That would be great. Thank you

Excuse me, but is there anyway to delete scenes? Oh, and, also, thank you for making this. ^-^

Ah no, not currently. You can overwrite them or you can just ignore them. But if you do want a scene deleted for any reason just PM your username and game name and the scene name and I’ll be glad to remove it from the server for now until I get something more user-friendly for scene management in place.

Oh, thank you. It’ll be fine for now; I just messed up a little, and I feel bad, in case there’s limited space on the site or something. ;;

Nope, no worries! :wink:

I’m having problems with it not updating the files in my game. I submit the new files, with the same name as the old, but i keep getting the old game version

Also, this is a great tool very much appreciate you (:

The new files are likely there but your browser has cached the previous files so you’re getting temporary local copies of the old version. Can you check in a private / incognito browser window and see if you get the new files? If not, I’ll take another look at the server to see if I can find the issue.

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Yep all fixed :slight_smile: Sorry i should have been more patient!

I’m having trouble uploading my second file. My first file gets put up just fine, but when I try to upload my second scene file one nothing seems to happen. Help? I’ve tried using incognito mode, but nothing changes.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I’ve sent you PM for some details to see if I can sort it out.