3-day game jam in a shared 50s scifi world

Was just thinking a bit more about the story etc… Looking at the stats, we might need something for hit points or health -in whatever way- also maybe some stat to keep track if the MC is idealistic or not? (Like if he is trying to generally be good or just looking for personal self-gain). What you think?


Health - usually as a temp stat (although a major injury due to epic failure makes sense) in each game (?)

And an opposed stat of Idealism VS Cynicism (?)

So idealism is good for making friends, and cynicism for spotting liars (?)

I’ll go add these to the top and to the startup file. They can always change if someone objects.

Actually as you say health can be a temp stay but an opposed idealism/cynism would be nice (sort of started thinking about it for my story, and whether the MC takes on a mission out of altruism or just to make money…)

Ok hope you are all geared up for this! I’ve already started to work on my chapter (already the 6th in japan!.. Not sure how all this works in terms if time zones as I’ll be travelling to holland during weekend, and will continue working on it on the plane…)

Ok I had started to write stuff in word, but have already partially coded some stuff


Let me know what you think so far… one thing is that we might have to talk about the units of currency, basically what are they? how much is a lot for a mission? Like, I have so far placed 1000 for buying some trading commodity, how much should the MC be paid for doing a mission? (if he is choosing to get paid?)


I just discovered that to use public folders on dropbox new users have to pay a monthly fee (which explains why I couldn’t make it work).

There’s a beautiful site set up just for CS which you can read all about at Dashingdon: Free ChoiceScript Game Hosting - #30 by Sashira

If people don’t mind emailing me their “finished” games as they’re done (then edits later, I imagine - although it might be interesting to keep a “this is what our 72 hours seriously produced” file for comparison to the polished final product) I can put them up at the dashingdon site.

fellissimo@hotmail.com is me.

Money-wise…yes. Gotta sort that out.
Shall we call them “Zork dollars” for easy reference (and a hand-wave for inflation suddenly reversing)? And use small numbers, as if it’s the 50s. So a general rule of thumb is that $1 now is worth $10 then.
$50 was a normal non-skilled weekly wage.
$100 bought a decent used car (so $500 for a small used spaceship like ours I think, given that there’s a lot of flying around places happening, so the tech is plentiful).

This is a great site for lazy researchers - short and sweet with some great details.

Here in Canberra it’s 8pm on Thursday night. I start writing in four hours! In preparation I’ve dosed myself with chocolate so I know I’ll be too hopped up on caffeine to sleep anyway :smile: Wheeee!


Hope it’s okay to mention in passing that Hint (our robot crew member) is an early Lautus model? I can always cut the reference if not.

Hi, yes that could be, I would have to modify some of the stuff I wrote today slightly, but would actually greatly add to my part of the story and make the entire thing more cohesive! Regarding the prices Im ok with Zork dollars and the price ranges you indicate, though probably the spaceship would be more on the truck price range (a car would be the same thing as a small shuttle), so maybe the spaceship would be like $5000 or $10000, even if used? (anyway maybe not a central point, but the $10-$1 conversion seems good to me!

Otherwise, how many people are actually participating in the end?

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I’m participating with what little time I have

I have to work all this weekend and friday night, so unfortunately my time is going to be pretty limited :frowning: So only a very hesitant maybe from me at the moment, probably not unless I get more time than I’m anticipating

Good luck, all of you (especially Jacic, at this point).

My game is going well although staying up late was SUCH a bad idea. Heh.

I think we have about four reliable participants and the same number of maybes. Plus an editor standing by (not counting me).

I can probably help test or edit this weekend if that would help anyone. Just making an offer!

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Ok sounds good… I have a few more hours today to tidy up my second batch if writing yesterday, will post later! I suppose we can see how far we get with this and then reflect on it… I won’t have much time in sat but flying Sunday towards Europe will give me quite some time!

I don’t dare look at anyone else’s until the three days are up. Too scary!

PS The robot bit in mind reads: "Your Lautusian robot, Hint, zooms up into the cockpit. “You called, Captain?” she says in her usual grating monotone. She’s not exactly the latest model, but she’s reliable and always polished to a mirror-shine. "

Utterly negotiable, of course.

I’ll absolutely take you up on that, HornHeadFan! In about 48 hours, I imagine.

Ok, then how about this? (to fit into my own story relating the Lautians, and how they built an Empire and then gradually gave independence to the races they conquered…

"Your Lautusian robot, Hint, zooms up into the cockpit. “You called, Captain?” she says in her usual grating monotone. She’s not exactly the latest model, built during the Lautusian post-Imperial phase, but she’s reliable and always polished to a mirror-shine. "

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And now back to coding my own bits of the story, but will use that point to modify slightly and try to integrate this into the story (somehow Hint will ask the MC whether its possible to accompany him/her onto the planet…)

Ok, I have added another big chunk of what I was doing onto the dropbox, debbuged it a bit also (many bugs before, seems to pass the test and broadly behave as intended, though I haven’t had that much time to run every path…)

Had another thought. Is this a “private” vessel and if so what is their job or mission staus (if any) or part of a centuralised “government” or similar run fleet (again any particular role?) Physical descriptions of Sam and Bargle? (Height, hair colour, hair length, eye colour, skin colour, build etc?) Any particular uniforms/clothing?

The vehicle was inherited from the MC’s father. It isn’t on any mission or anything (although that can be retrospectively added), just travelling and doing whatever seems like a good idea at the time. Earn some money here, spend it there, take a job here, buy spaceship parts there, etc.

Appearance-wise, whatever you like is fine.

I’ve only described Hint - she has an ability to hover, has retractable arms, and is polished to a mirror shine.

Samantha Foster, being female, must be sexily dressed, young, and attractive.

Jim Bargle is older.

Joe is average.

That’s all we have so far - whatever ends up contradicting will be fixed in edits.

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Aieeee!!! I just realised I have less than thirty hours remaining (in my time zone).

Gonna aim to get a working POJ (Piece Of Junk) before I go to sleep. It don’t have to be pretty…it just needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

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