Custom Achievement Text?


To those free-form thinkers, tinkerers and renegades out there:

Is it at all possible to customise the visible achievement text that shows up after an *achieve?

In my game, the player can meet any amount of people, and, should circumstance favour it, be granted a unique nickname from a certain character. What I would like to do is include an achievement for the first nickname, with the text that shows after the achievement is earned reflecting the nickname the player has earned.

My code looks like this in startup:

*achievement nickname visible 5 Also Known As
	Nicknames are like superglue.
	You received your first nickname! Congratulations, ${firstnickname}!

… and like this on any point where a nickname is given (this example being when Haeptomec gives you the nickname “Quiet” for refusing to speak to him):

*set nickHaep "Quiet"
*if choice_achieved_nickname = false
    *set firstnickname nickHaep
    *achieve nickname

Has anybody any idea? I’d really like to tailor the achievement, but ${} aren’t allowed right there, and I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can do. I also don’t really want to litter the achievements page with a bunch of random nickname achievements.

At this point, the only outcome I see (unfavourable to me) is to make the post-*achieve description generic. It’s not the end of the world (quite yet), but I’m not quitting for a lack of trying.

[Edit to Add]
I quit. It was, indeed, for a lack of trying.


Doesn’t look like there is a way currently, but that’s certainly an interesting use-case.