Achievements Help

I’ve worked with choicescript before, but only to see what it was capable of. I never fully committed myself to making a game.

But as anyone else who is bored, I downloaded the files just yesterday, and this time I’m certain that I’m going to make a game.

However, before this, I had played one of the most recent games published by Choice of Games, “VERSUS”. I had noticed that a new achievement feature had been added to choicescript, or it may be that I hadn’t noticed it before.

I have no idea how this feature works, but I would love to have it in my game. If someone could explain to me the different lines of code and how they work, I would be grateful!

This is a line of code from my startup file.

*achievement hero visible 10 Superhero
   For the good of all mankind.
   You became a super hero.

So the first line is what the achievement is (Superhero) and how many points you get for it (10) and it’s set to visible so it’s not a hidden achievement. “hero” is the code for the achievement.

The second line is what the description is.
The third line is what the description changes to once you’ve achieved it.

At the point in the story where you want an achievement to be reached type:
*achieve hero

Make sense?


It makes sense to me, there’s no need for further explanation.

Thanks a lot!

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