Bugged achievement?

I’m having trouble with an achievement. Am I missing something?

The error I’m getting is:

My startup code looks like this:
(this is located at the bottom of the file)

*achievement unlocked_hollo_personality visible 5 Hollo's personality visible
  See stats screen

My chapter code looks like this:

*if show_personality_hollo = false
	*achieve unlocked_hollo_personality
*set show_personality_hollo true

You wrote visible twice after “Hollo’s Personality”–it should be:

*achievement unlocked_hollo_personality visible 5 Hollo's Personality
   See the stats screen. 
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Thank you. I’ll try this with Hollo’s personality ‘revealed’ instead then.

I also just retested, and the achievement triggered fine (with no change in wording)

Thinking back, this error message hasn’t triggered consistently. I think I remember it happening once before. Then not for about 15 play throughs.

I hope the word change works, but I’m starting to wonder if this will need to be tested a similar number of times to be able to confirm it’s sorted…

The official way to declare achievement would be

*achievement [codename] [visible/hidden] [score] [title]
   locked description
   unlocked description

Codename: any string. Used to differentiate a cheevo with the others.
Visible/hidden: pick one to assign visibility to the cheevo (picking hidden will make it a hidden achievement, and you have to write “hidden” in place of the locked description)
Score: the score of obtaining the cheevo.
Title: name of the cheevo

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Thanks for the @Szaal. Checking through again I believe the above example that through the bug does that?

*achievement - spelt correctly, located correctly
[codename] - using underscores, not repeated
[visible/hidden] - classed visible, correctly spelt
[score] - number defined
[title] - plain text, possible cause = the word ‘visible’ in the [title], possible cause = uses apostrophe?
locked description - indented, uses hidden
unlocked description - indented, plain text

I think currently @rinari’s suggestion is that ‘visible’ is a protected word and can’t be used within the [title] of the achievement. Do you have a view on that @Szaal?

Ooh, I see what you mean. If CS works as what I’d expect them, using “visible” should be okay since it’s already in the “string zone.”

Bug or intentional? @dfabulich

Btw, you mentioned that the code is at the bottom of the startup.txt
Is there no normal text/passage preceding it?

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Hey @Szaal, work hotting up, sorry for the delay.
Yes there is not normal/text or a passage between the *create instructions, and the declared achievements. Good question.

I’m going to try to run through this a few times to see if the bug triggers again. As well as changing use of ‘visible’ in the string zone, I’ve removed ‘unlocked’ from the codename zone, because this protected words things could possibly apply to that too. Hopefully should be able to confirm the bug is sorted after some run throughs (though I’m not certain of the logic of the potential solution!)