Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

The only shows I know are Twin Peaks and the X files :disappointed_relieved:

Dang it :sob:

Edit: does that little icon indicate that it’s your bday? If so, happy birthday!

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Often the case with stumbling. Or accidents. Or stumbling accidents. Or accidents involving stumbling. Scouts honour. :vulcan_salute:

As for the name, I am more clueless than a particularly fowl-brained chicken barred from the college of Get-a-Clue.

So i happened to stumble upon this WIP as I was looking at Wayhaven’s thread and was instantly onboard after the demo. Can’t get enough of a certain pun-loving hero, as of now Francis doesn’t seem to be appealing, but has some intrigue to him. I’m looking forward to more updates, especially if I finally get to set up my patisserie. Keep it up, we’re all with you!
(Can’t wait for the superhero option for the kid, the possibilities are endless!)

I’m aiming for both characters to be good, the parent being a hard-working and kind patissiere and the daughter would be a cheerful,quirky but kind soon-to-be super heroine.



Happy you enjoy it. :smiley:
Can I ask where the art is from?

Oh, I made it after playing the demo. Pretty sure it isn’t accurate though.

Edit: Oh! Uhh, Happy Birthday @MeltingPenguins !


Oh yes! Indeed, happy birthday, @MeltingPenguins! :blush:

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thank you and… OMG…
omg omg omg

OMG thank you ;_;
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I’m kinda confused, what is Prestige’s power exactly? He casts illusions and stuff? What’s a living photography? FRANCIS STHAP

Prestige is a photokinetic, a light manipulator. He can create illusions (and make them move to a degree) as well as summoning light projectiles and shields.

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Like my perverted gay son lol
(If any of you know this anime I will be very impressed lol)

Cant click right now. Is it hero academia?

Nope! It’s Code:Breaker it’s pretty good if you ignore the world’s most annoying female heroine eww

Heard of it, though.
Also, as for living photographs, that’s Marcus’ job :wink:

Marcus is a living jojo reference his power is the same with a villain’s stand

Hah! Such ref is unintentional, though.

He strikes me as a person who would make jojokes non-stop if he watched it lol

And Prestige (not Francis) gives me Polnareff vibes lol

Marcus might surprise you then. He actually tends to refrain from most meme stuff.

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Can’t wait then, Marcus is my favourite as of now.




He deems them too easy.
Granted, CoCi has a connection to a number of realities, so he’d only be risking thkngs going over people’s heads.
And he does not want to do that.
While he knows his puns are cringeworthy very often, deep in his heart he wants to cheer people up with them and give them something to put their sorrows aside even if just for a moment.

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