CS IDE Tutorial Test Project Exercise 20 - Debugging


Hi guys,

I’m working through CS’s tutorial and I’m on exercise 20, which is where I run through the test project, debugging along the way. I’ve hit my first snag. Could I have some help?

This is the error message: “increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 4”

I’ll include a screenshot below of what the script looks like.


I believe the text must be indented to the same level as the *set commands, and the # options are at the right level, just indent the text to the *set levels.

For some reason I can’t give an example but like * = indent

*fake choice
**cool text

and so on


I’ll try it and see. Thank you!


Basically what is said above me. ^^ (2x)


@fairlyfairfighter & @N1GHTMAR3

Thank for the help! :smiley:


I didn’t help, but alright.


You might already know this, but triple `s inserted at the start and the end of the text format it like this.



Is there a reason why my *goto_scene03 isn’t blue? It should be blue. The strange thing is, the command only turns blue when I space bar between “scene” and “03”, which creates another error since there is no there’s no scene in my list called “scene 03”.



What is the scene called?

(and @N1GHTMAR3 I still don’t know how that works–

Both don’t work


try *goto_scene scene03


*goto_scene is a command and inserting 03 with it does not work, I think.
It should be spaced.
*goto_scene (scene name)


“scene03” is the official name.


Then do *goto_scene scene03


Works now. Thank you!


Different characters.
This character is above the Tab button for my keyboard and below Esc.


I never knew this!
(As in, ` had a use!)


Every button has its use, apparently.
This also works with Discord, and since Discord and Reddit use the same system, Reddit might do the same?


How can I solve this?


Your *if must be ended with any *goto (or *finish, which is essentially an auto *goto_scene)


Even ¬, which came up in my computing test.

Who the hell does that!

And @The_Black_Reaper
some lil’ tips
Name scenes with the order and brief description
(e.g. 01_beginnning)
Adjust variables with *set var + xyz, make sure to include the ‘+’
Use same method of indents (tabs or spaces)
And if you make another scene don’t forget to list it in startup!
(And if you need to create a non-temporary variable don’t forget to first create it in startup!


You need a *goto or a *finish command at the end of a choice text as said in the error.
So, like…

*if (race = "dragon king") #Help the wounded drake.
 *set help_drake true
 *goto [label name]
#Leave the wounded drake.
 *goto [label name]
#End its misery.
 *goto [label name]

The *else is not needed unless I did not grasp the reason of the command.