CS IDE Tutorial Test Project Exercise 20 - Debugging


Weird. I was instructed by the tutorial to include the *else command.


You said tutorial. Where did you get this tutorial?


You include *if commands (mostly) and *else commands in the choices, not above them, to determine the results of those choices, so I think the latter is unnecessary but the former can be fine as it restricts a choice depending on the variable’s condition.


I can click on a lightbulb - presented in screenshot below - and “Import Project”. One of which includes a tutorial for CS IDE. Oops. Forgot to add: I specifically imported the “Interactive CSIDE Tutorial”.


Bug finder.
In combination with *bug.

Oh, and here I’m, never thought that CSIDE is silently put their own tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:


Me either! I didn’t know they had a built in tutorial.

And it’s not on the online IDE sad times.

Wait I thought that fake choices didn’t need goto’s and the problem was instead the *else command not being at the end?

As in

    *if race = xyz #Do thing
        *set help true

    #End it's misery

Wait now I’m confused. Surely it should be *selectable if (dragon) and *selectable if (not)dragon and the other choice too.


You should check the wiki out if you haven’t already.

Videos such as these might help:

And lastly, the thing you’re using now, the forums, are by far the most helpful.
(The CoG server for Discord helps too, really often!)


What’s this mean?



I may be wrong but should it be “True” instead of true?

Or just

if (saved_egg)

and remove the second true (after saved egg)


I don’t think over writing boolean variables requires the first letter in ‘true’ or ‘false’ to be capitalized.

Fixed the error. I was missing the *goto Commands after the *if and *else.

Thanks for the help!



The student has become the master, as intended!

Im jk, good job-- I’m working on my own game now and if/ when you start the wiki’s are really good for general tooltips and the forums are good for very specific problems (or when you absolutely no clue what the hell went wrong haha)

Lol has anyone else actually solved their own problem in the thread before? Anyway you did provide a solution so there ya go!


Thank you!

To be fair, I predict that more bugs will pop up. I’m not quite done with the tutorial yet.

Good luck on your own game!


Yes, multiple times, myself included.


And then trying to make it seem like you were testing everyone else (or at least, that’s my experience when asking friends questions I figure out the answer to only seconds after asking haha)


Not really, I like to admit how much of a dumbass I am.

Plenty other cases I forgot.


It’s actually because you didn’t put any “comparison” sign =><.
But yeh, you said it was fixed.


Where should the comparison sign go?


Between the two conditions.

*if (1 + 1) = (2)


*if saved_egg = true


Got it.

Thanks for the help!