Creation of pictures and the icon and splash screen of games

Where can I create these examples, which software? Help needed, please! Thanks

How do you mean? They’re just jpegs. You either make them yourself using the photo editing/graphics software of your choice or you pay an artist to make one for you.


Yeah, there’s no standalone program or procedure associated with making the art. Choice of Games commissions their own individual artists for specific games. Most HG authors I know of have made their own drawings, paintings, or photographs, hired someone else to do the same for them, or even paid to use premade stock photography and art. We drew ours by hand and colored in Photoshop.


@Jacic PNGs please. Without transparencies too. Otherwise I have to convert them all. (Well, except now it’s all PNGs, except for two which are JPGs.)

Additionally for authors who have never published before it is perfectly fine to wait on art until after you’ve submitted your game. I’m happy to help in any ways I can if anyone has more specific questions.


Whoops, PNGs it is. Had it in my head they were jpgs for some reason sorry.