Creating one piece IF, anyone interested?


**Daegnos Destiny ** (Damn thats a corny title my apologies)
Attention Reader!
Even if you aren’t a fan of One piece or dont know it read

I’ll be creating a IF game that revolves around One Piece; for any of you that know that anime/manga series you are in luck. This IF i’ll be making is not a re-telling of Luffy the protagonist, instead its written in the POV of a young man inspired by the Great War at Marineford; decides to adventure as a pirate or a marine (other factions will be implemented by your request) in hopes for valor and maybe fame. You get to decide and interact with the fate of cannon characters in the series and may even meet with the Big shot characters if you know what i mean. This IF will be a long project that will follow the cannon story of the one piece verse. Comment down below if you are interested in this project because i have some jucy ideas for it.


Copyrighting says I, tis you use the name one piece as a title you are copyrighting, unless you have permission then go ahead.
I like one piece so it would be a great thing to write about, but I would seek permission first just in case.


It sounds interesting, but when you’re working with copyrighted material this game will not be publishable unless you’ve got explicit permission from whoever owns the copyright. (You might even get in trouble for sharing it on the internet, because it technically not allowed, but many people and companies will tolerate it as long as the fan-fiction of sorts isn’t monetized in any way.)


For starters im not looking to profit or make any monetary gain as it would cripple my motivation to create the story and i’ll try to get a copyright licence from the respective owner if needed be.


i dont think choice of games will publish any copyrighted works


This sure sounds interesting, but like how others mentioned, copyright will be a lot of pain if you are going to publish, and the Rosemod(didn’t mention the name for I fear the wrath it would bring) just said, people and companies will tolerate it if you are not making money of it, but then again some are very protective of their work.


2 things. Firstly great idea and would we get powers? Secondly probably best to change around the concepts a bit to avoid any troubles


You sound like have good intentions but that dude who wanted to make a Fan made Star wars RPG (admittedly via Kicktstarter) had good intentions too before he was hit by a cease and desist. My advice borrow plot elements wholesale and claim it was your idea all along all greats do it , y’know make Luffy female (luffie? haven’t seen One piece since 4 kids was doing the dub) change his name and Bobs your mothers brother.


You will get powers depending on the decisions you make in the story.


I love one piece I have seen every episode so this sounds pretty awsome. You should totally make this just be careful of copyrights. And I know you said we could be a pirate or a marine but how about a warlord so I can join the marines but still be a pirate?


What about devil fruit do I have to use one or can I be a master swordsman or maybe a badass sniper?


The features will be announced once i launch a pilot chapter. If the response from the people is good, then i’ll continue to finish up the following chapters and release the first book. Just a little disclaimer that this is my first choice script game so dont come in with very high expectations but i promise to deliver players requests if its within the range of my ability.


I suppose you could publish it as Fanfiction on Chooseyourstory.