Cover art

She has a lazy eye. The shading is good though

I like the tusks and the chin, but everything else needs some more work. I’d suggest doing the lines between the nose and mouth with softer strokes too.

@PORT3R, @that1german , and @FoxalypticWorld
Thanks for the great feedback. I am not an artist so this helps in learning to create my own.

When putting an image in a game, what size does everyone usually use?

@that1german I keep my images pretty small–around 200 pixels wide maximum–as I consider them more eye candy than an essential tool for the player

This comment is probably coming in from left field considering the direction this topic has gone, but I feel like it is still relevant.

One thing I’ve notice with a lot of CoGs and HGs is that the title screens tend to blend in. What I mean by this is that while some of the covers are very nice, they don’t always catch my attention as a customer. I can’t tell you how many times I have actively looked for one of these games on the app store, and skipped right by it because it failed to register on my radar.

Im not an artist, and I don’t work in advertising. However, I do know a few advertisement tricks and I’d like to share them.

  1. Color contrast catches eyes. A sharp contrast between colors like black and white will attract people’s attention (light colors vs dark colors work too). Blue and orange work even better and are very natural and easy colors to incorporates. It is why most best selling movies, game, and books have these colors on the cover. Purple and green work even better than blue and orange, but the the rarity of purple makes it a difficult color scheme to use.

  2. Power of purple. The significant lack of purple in the world has made it a very unique color that stands out simply because it is so rarely found.

  3. Warm colors work. Bright yellow is the very first color your brain notices (think traffic signs). Red is the last color to leave your memory and is considered the most powerful color. Orange blends red and yellow together.

  4. Keep it clean. It really helps to have a professional looking app icon. People will judge a book by its cover, and the app icon is the very first thing they see. If it doesn’t look well done why would a customer expect the rest of it to be any better. (This rule varies a bit more than the others though, we all have different tastes in what appeals to us after all)

  5. Lock eyes with your audience. The human brain is wired to seek out faces. You can use this to your advantage by putting a close up of a face. (Even anime faces) just make sure that it is a front facing picture rather than profile.

And thats all I know. Feel free to use or ignore these tips as you please. As I said, I’m not a professional and advice I give on this should be taken with a grain if salt, but it is worth pointing our that there are only two apps in the CoG/HG store that use 4 or 5 of these tricks. Those apps are Herofall and the Hero Project. As of now, you can still find both of them in the top selling rpg list.


@From_Beginnings, I agree 100%. My icon will be bright with color contrast and a basic image, probably a face of a character.

If the icon doesn’t grab attention in the App Store, it doesn’t serve its purpose. Customers have 1000s of images to peruse, and if the icon doesn’t scream “click me!”, they will move on to other more interestig images.

Real talk time! :!!

@From_Beginnings This is a public service announcement that really needs to be required reading for every author here! I can’t stress enough that if you are proud of the product you’ve put out there with your name on it, please for your own sake go the extra mile on the image. If you’re not a professional artist, spend the $100-$200 to get it professionally done. It is an investment that is well worth it.

Writing is what keeps them reeled in, but it’s the cover that hooks them in the first place. App users are not the most patient of people, and most won’t bother to read through your screenshots if the initial image is off-putting. Choice of the Dragon is a CoG staple, but the stock dragon image that worked in 2009 wouldn’t get half the attention it deserves if it was released today. The market is much more saturated now, even for a relatively niche market.

I would love to illustrate for any author! I have done some fan art for Hero Rise, the art is posted on the Hero Rise facebook page. Under my name Alea Kimeona.


I love that illustrations hub:
There are fantastic pieces of art for virtually pocket money.

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I saw your work on the HR facebook page you’re very talented.


Thank You!
I haven’t been drawing for a while and I am trying to practice everyday so I appreciate it :wink:

@Enigma_Nova I’ll keep that in mind as I come to that point in my story (assuming I do, I remain positive)!


Amazing list of tips there. Everyone should take notice.

Hi everyone! I am a graphic designer/illustrator, and I basically dropped here for finding some inormation for my developing game, but if some of you will have problems with cover art - go ahead and write me! I`ll try to help:)

My portfolio: jauhienk. tumblr. com
Email: janekupracevich@


I don’t know if this has been asked before, but is it possible to use *if statements with images ingame? I want the images to reflect your gender/occupation in the index section, so any help in this area would be appreciated

@that1german yep, *if works fine with *image , I’ve used it in my latest project


@AlexClifford1994 damn that was fast lol. Anyway thanks man. Appreciate it

I used 3d max for an image of my game. That’s been my first 3d image.

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do you send the special glasses to those who request them?