Cover art

I draw my own using Adobe Photoshop…

@that1german it’s a little hard to get used to at first but yeah it works wonders. It lets you draw just using PS. I never use PS without it.

@FoxalypticWorld sounds promising. What brand and model is it?

I also have one of those tabled/drawing boards, they are very helpfull

That illustration is adorable. xD

Super cool art!

I’ve always wanted to buy a graphics tablet. As someone who can’t even draw stick figures I knew I’d use it just a couple of times and then into the cupboard it would go. Since I needed a tablet for other purposes, I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Note to draw on instead. (Supposedly you can draw on other computer tablets too but I’m clueless about that and wanted the one that came with a stylus.) I love it!

Yeah, there’s no way you’ll ever be seeing my art on anything. I generally ask my more talented friends for art when I need it.

I draw my own art work, but it is limited to pencil and charcoal because I have no concept of colours. After drawing I scan it and it’s done.

@that1german I have a monopad, as for the model I’m honestly not sure. My brother got it. Also, sorry for the late reply!

@FairyGodfeather Most of them you can just use your finger, but I love when the pads have stylists too XD I can’t draw without one, it’s just too weird.

@Aera what is with everyone drawing their own artwork and being amazing Q-Q Luckily, my brother is a better artist than I.

So I saw that there was requirements on art works (size, etc) and I was wondering if anyone could specify what they were?


(Required) 1024x1024 icon, resizable to 48x48. This icon should not include the name
of your game.
(Required) 480x320 landscape promotional image. This image can include the name of
your game in a large font
Large 1024x500 landscape
Large 1400x560 landscape
Splash screen. This screen will be displayed briefly as the game starts; without a
splash screen, the screen will turn black for a second or two while the game loads.
These should NOT include the name of your game.
480x800 portrait (Android)
640x960 portrait (iPhone)
640x1136 portrait (iPhone 5+)
1536x2048 portrait (iPad portrait)
2048x1536 landscape (iPad landscape)

1:1 (48, 57, 72, 114, 512)
3:2 (180x120)
2:3 (320x480, 640x960)
3:5 (480x800)
3:4 (768x1024)
4:3 (1024x768)
40:71 (640x1136)
256:125 (1024x500)


@Lucid and @Samuel_H_Young

So we need a piece of art to cover all of those categories?

Yeah; you basically just have to resize it a lot.


I hate to be a bother, but could you briefly describe where each art spot would be found? Like I can take a guess that the 1024x1024 wouls be the screen with the play option, but beyond that I’m not sure…

Your guess is as good as mine. Between Google Play, iOS, Amazon, Chrome and COG’s site, and then icons and splash screens and promotion screens in searches, combined with all the different devices… :slight_smile:

The Hosted Games writing guidelines list a few of them, unless they have changed. Jason gave me the list this spring so I assume it is still current.

Icon 1024 X 1024 (no book name)
Landscape promotional image 480 X 320 (including name of book)
Also larger versions of landscape - 1024x500 and 1400x560 landscape

Splash Screens
480 X 800 (Android)
640 X 960 (iPhone)
640 X 1136 (iPhone 5+)
1536 X 2048 (iPad portrait)
2048 X 1536 (iPad landscape)

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HornHead and Lucid seem to have it covered. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lucid Good knowledge to have!

Getting a little better I guess. I am working on the art for my game. Wondering what you all think. Thanks

Its something, the nose looks good lol but the onther things still require some work.