Cover art

I love how helpful people are on this forum! Glad so many artists are around to help everyone out.

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@From_Beginnings suggested I drop by and mention that I do art.

I have my art blog:

And my commissions page with all the prices:

I’d just love to do cover art for games! Ah, I love these games :slight_smile:


I saw your illustration for Unnatural and it was really good. :slight_smile:

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@snappingcookies your work is amazing :slight_smile:

I’m always available if anyone needs work done.

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Nice. What kind of rates do you do?

@gyzchen I’m not sure if you’re a real person, or if you’re a spam-bot, as such I’m removing the link. If you’re a real person then please first read the forum rules. Then create a thread in the professional services category.

Oh sorry, I saw someone else post their commission info here.

@Gyzchen If you check the date of the thread the last post was made in Oct 14. Your actions were nearly identical to the spambots we get hit by here. They’re new accounts to the forum, who post links on old threads, bumping them up, advertising things.

We now have a Professional Services category though. You can post there, starting a new thread, give some more info about yourself if you like, and your post is likely to be more noticed.