Countdown to World's End [cancelled]

err… you know, its sound like you’re talking about your boyfriend there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: LMAO
well… joke aside, im pretty sure he knows how to make you and me cry too :grin: one thing we dont have to worried about is dead boyfriend (or girlfriend) coz he already knows how painful that was :smirk:


Oh my god I clicked on this thinking it was a post about the election :sweat_smile:


lol… whereas for me, at first i though it was a post about apocalypse prediction before i notice who make the thread and its category :sweat_smile: :laughing:

No (planned) princes, I’m afraid…

Not promising anything, but this might help you:

Gay Representation in ChoiceScript games? - #19 by ParrotWatcher

There may be someone like these… :smirk:


You see it too? It’s not just me?

If a character is planned as an RO, there will always be a way to save them.

Yeah, I hadn’t realised quite how apposite the name would turn out to be…


Well that certainly makes me feel better, I am a sucker for the best friends since childhood trope :blush:

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Modern “princes” are measured more by wealth and lifestyle, rather than actually possessing a noble title, so you’re saying no super-cute, spoiled rich jerks (with a heart of gold buried somewhere deep beneath all that) then?

Basically any guy my mc’s could teasingly call “your highness” as a nickname, such as say Santiago in Children of the Gods would probably qualify for the part.

That is a shame :sob:

all hail @ParrotWatcher!! XD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i have to make fanarSTOP THERE ME!! okay, i need to calm down…there is still art to do, dont add more to the waiting list :sweat_smile:

how could i didn’t see it? its rather obvious :laughing: if i didn’t know it, i might assume both of you are going out LOL

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Again, sorry. Your MC could call one of the girls “your Highness” teasingly, but she’s more a sweet, naive type than a spoiled, icy type (plus, female).

I have far too many ROs planned, to be honest. The straight ones would still be reasonably significant, and there will be a load of bi/pan characters, too.

I haven’t even introduced them yet… :disappointed_relieved: (I haven’t even named one of them.)


Ugh, I usually can’t stand naive, except when it is so pink unicorn rare, considering (the state of) the world, like Simon in XoR that one can’t help but stand up and notice.
Like I said I do often, but not always (depending on the circumstances of my mc) like to try for de-frosting the “ice prince”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
In any case it is the female part that really wouldn’t make it work here. :sweat_smile:


Seriously, that again? :unamused: you two seem to think I flirt with @ParrotWatcher and @Eiwynn thinks I flirt with every girl here…am I going to have to include a disclaimer on all my posts? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is @Eiwynn called to this thread? Do I know these flirts?

I usually don’t comment on flirts because I am :innocent: :angel:

Not every girl.


Disclaimer?!.. Pffftt!! HHaaa :laughing: im sorry for laughing after reading this[/spoiler] it just prove that you’re too adorable to resist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [spoiler](i just cant resist to teasing you :yum: just like my lil sister-- why lil sist? well, coz im not too fond with my twin sist :upside_down:)

yeah… sure you’re :neutral_face:


Will i get to be a human disco ball like in totem force

Ngkay, I read through it :slight_smile: I like the world you have going here. I found Solitaire really appealing as a character… she had a distinct voice, and I thought you did really well with exploring her luck ability.

I’m playing a guy named Jasper. Not a whole lot to say about him yet; high empathy, low strength, friendly person.
I did notice that the MC is not entirely a blank state in the prologue, since they know English and are able to recognize height-age correspondence, so this is interesting…

Edit-y stuff under this (glad I finally figured out I can do this):


“prancing around some pretty young lady, or man”
I’m not sure about this comma. It’s only a two item list, so you don’t need it.

“And, after breaking a few door,”

“With out consciously thinking,”
with out>without

When you run the name check, should you also check against names of prominent superheroes like Solitaire and Jupiter?

The hair length descriptions “long,” “medium,” and “short” are ambiguous since they could mean different things to different people. I would prefer if you use designations like “shoulder length.”

Personally I feel like an acknowledgement of the option would be a nice thing to have. Could depend on what you do with it, I suppose.

If it gets taken away, let’s you and me pull a fast one on them by swapping our intended spouses on the officials at the last moment. They’ll never notice :triumph:

Cute guys aren’t everything. Just the best thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If she brings them all with her I might have to pack my bags :open_mouth:
I don’t want to live in a complete gay guy desert :frowning:

I’m not entirely sure what it is that draws me to certain characters… I don’t know, someone who seems like he has passions or just really cares about the MC… humor is nice too, I mean that was one of the main appeals of you-know-who. I don’t know, I’ll have more to say when I see what sorts of people there are kicking around. Awkwardness can be pretty adorable too. I d’no. It’s a tricky question :flushed:

If we’re just talking fashion aesthetics, I might buck the trend in that leather’s not really my thing :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to like either well-dressed or flaunting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ear piercings can be cute.

Princeliness can be appealing, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

That would explain why she was suggesting moving to the UK to bug him…


You can… shoot fire at people. That’s almost the same. :grin:

It’s more to show his preference (mainly women, but occasionally a cute guy).

When I let you choose your supernym, yes (and Solitaire’s not exactly prominent).

That’s the problem; I don’t really know what I’d do with it, and I don’t want it to look like I’m adding it just to make it look like I’m being more representative… :disappointed:

Agreed. :blush:

You can come, too, obviously. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I’ll see how you like them. (And then have you fall for a one-scene character again…)

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You never said no :smiley:

A guy/girl who can steal multiple powers at once? Is pretty pragmatic and carefree, due to a life of little consequence due to the various powers they have picked up with only certain things actually mattering because they aren’t as easy to control yet. Like opinions.

Ooh ooh can I make two-face?

Well, hmm, I suppose if a character’s starting transitioning there could be references to that, and there could be some impacts on wardrobe choices if those ever come up.

I must ask my Anglophile friends if they’d like to seek asylum together. (None of whom are gay men, sorry to disappoint :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Though I think it could confuse people if I were to say “yeah, I’m catching a flight with someone I haven’t met to go bug someone I haven’t met SEE YA.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, sure, you got me, I’ve totally fallen in love with the unknown character who flushed the toilet in the bathroom :rolling_eyes:
That said, I’ve just done a humongous in depth study of what makes a certain character romantically appealing in another thread, so a big take away from that is distinctiveness. And being someone who appears to care about something.

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I am cautiously hopeful that you might like one of my characters, then… (And, FYI, the guy in the toilets was really old and ugly. ;P)

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