Countdown to World's End [cancelled]

Any sexy leather-clad bad-boys in your cast yet @ParrotWatcher? Or cute stuck up rich ice princes that we can maybe defrost?

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Oh, well then the one I like at least get me flowers? Daisies are my favorite

… … … … … …

What’s wrong with daisies? :cry:

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I’m more of a miniature rose person. You most likely figured that out though.

im agree with the stoic-- stuck up rich princes XD and @ParrotWatcher might i add a cute hyperactive and outgoing grinning type big brother guy? ← (grinning and big brother in one place :smirk:)

I just found this after playing totem force. I got to say this seems like a fun story.

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Okay, I’ve uploaded another scene. It’s mainly character-creation (which was pretty much ignored in Totem Force), and I want to see what people think of it. (I also cut down the Solitaire opening a bit.)

For those of you worried about Totem Force, I’m still working on it. (In fact, the current episode is already longer than the entirety of Countdown, although it’s much more branching.)

Warning: contains mature language.


:relieved: im worried there for a moment :grin:

Yeah, it’s mostly just Phil breaking up with you because he’s too old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could cut the boys from Totem Force, then you’d have less to write there and more time to spend on this :slight_smile:

You meanie. :cry:

So the new ro’s will all be 13 year olds with platonic only relationships then?

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Well, I was actually thinking of having Anara dump the MC too, just for fairness. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that’s the wrong game. Does anybody have any views on the character creation process?

I’ll run a session later. I need to rest a while atm.

im already in so much pain… and you decide to make it worse :sob: (lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but seriously DONT DO THAT!! :rage:)

to be honest, i really enjoy this (and almost scream NO when i reach the end of it)… just, no cute guys yet :cry:sorry Layla, even if you’re sounds cute, i cant see you more than a sister :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: some question though about MC power, is there a variety of power or just a different color

seriously… DONT :expressionless: what is wrong about liking someone more matured (and cute) than you ? and the age different isn’t really that far :cry:


I was just joking! Mostly…

There’ll be a couple soon. (I’ll probably put one in leather for @idonotlikeusernames…)

Not so far, and if I do branch powers (at a later point), it wouldn’t depend on colour.

Well, the ROs will be aged about 17-23, and the MC is currently almost 18, so hopefully that won’t be a problem here.


If you also make that one the “prince” or well at least the frigid princely, rich guy…:heart_eyes:

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Out of curiously where does Layla fall on the spectrum? As for customization it’s good, I can make me and I like the color input so I can have purple :smile: I forgive it not asking my orientation since I know I don’t have to worry about it in a game you’re making lol

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or maybe add outgoing person who often tease, grinning, smirking, and quite funny but reliable guy, and then there is this type of girl i recently like to see (cunning, flirty, childish-- like iroha from oregairu :blush:)[quote=“ParrotWatcher, post:118, topic:21666”]
Not so far, and if I do branch powers (at a later point), it wouldn’t depend on colour.

well, it doesnt really matter as long as the story is good, have some drama, and quite intriguing :grin: (im too demanding, lol)

i hope so… its really quite a shock when someone said my fav char is… well, lets forget about it :grin:

i know right!! it’s our dearest @ParrotWatcher afterall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well he knows how much I’d cry and whine and complain :wink: