Couldn’t load scenes/startup.txt

I’m trying to run a random test, but my startup scene is apparently missing. When I open the scene in notepad, it’s there, with everything I’ve typed so far, but the script can’t load it for some reason.

Need help

Is startup saved as a ‘.txt’ file type?

Yes. That’s why I don’t get it can’t be found

Are you letting it load the whole scene file or do you load it when the scene file is open? Sometimes that can be the issue (at least for me at times). This is just a personal preference but also a reccomendation, but try loading the whole game file (with the other files in it besides scenes). Or maybe you updated the file itself and moved everything to the new one? I know randomtest hates the stat file because of that.

I tried loading it with my file scene not up, and that didn’t help.

I haven’t touched the files, they’re all still in the right place.

How do I load the game file with all the files instead of just the scenes?

I think in Mac computers it shows the same (in case you’re using one) but when you open up the tab that says select files or folders, then atop it shows the folder or file you’ve selected.

In this case the file I’m loading is called Remembered. Hope this all makes sense and helps.

I’m using an asus, but yes I have those. I got to web and then index to play test myself. I have a bunch of other stuff bellow my web though

I use the randomtest and quicktest at the bottom sometimes if I’m not personally testing specific choices.

But index, quicktest and randomtest are all having the same problems with not being able to scenes/startup. It’s just startup that’s not loading.

It says it’s missing or empty, which neither is true

Are you using an older version of the game file or the latest one? There used to be a problem with the last version not working well with quicktest, index and randomtest.
Sorry this isn’t much help, if the error continues then I’m sure there are people happy to help and moderators who know about this more than me.

That was the problem. I didn’t know a new version of everything came out. Copy and pasted everything over to a new file, and now it’s working. Thank you!


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