Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

I have an idea but unfortunately I’m working on it myself. I would very much appreciate ideas, if anyone wants to help!

Basically, dog shows with dragons.

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Can someone please write a story about illegal street racing. The Fast and Furious saga has always been one of my favorite movie series so why not make it a interactive story. I would make one myself but I’m a terrible writer lol.

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Don’t be afraid to try.
Writing is an art form that takes time and practice to master.

Why not get come up with the concepts for the story first, then if it’s a good idea, see about how to make that idea a reality through writing it?

  • What about street racing is interesting to you?
  • What kinds of characters do you want in your story?
  • What kinds of vehicles would they drive?
  • Where would the story be? Like, what part of the world → what state → what town → what part of town
  • Would your story be set in modern times, or in the past or future? Maybe an alternate history?

By exploring what attracts you to one kind of story, I bet you can make a story that other people will love.
Again, don’t be afraid to try. :slight_smile:


A game where you play a hive mind. While your race compete other primal races to become sentient. The race have there own benefits and negative. Like the species of your race can be tall, strong, and intelligent but can’t breed fast, and non-adaptive. Plus the hive mind can be a pool of knowledge or supremacy.

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Maybe if I get time, after a whole slew of projects, I could see making a yuri (GxG) game (though it could be adapted to other romances) of a female protagonist created by a female mad scientist (Victoria Frankenstein?)

If one wants to go really bizarre, perhaps the MC could hunt down other monsters, taking bits/pieces and adding them to her form to become even stronger, or more bizarre. Or conversely, take on more human attributes and fit in…though also have memories of the ‘donors’ as well.


Name it something like “Pieces of You.”

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I remember that one. It was one of the more interesting quests.

I guess I always thought it would be interesting to play a game from the point of view as the ‘created’…


I am an idea man who won’t take the time to learn choice script even though it looks a lot easier than what they showed me at school a few years ago so my idea make a story with it how you see fit

The main characters or villains are know as Nomads they look like human except there skin is an unnatural white and their hair is black and brightly colored eyes that are the same color as there blood and the different colors can be used as a weapon in combat like purple is acidic enough to permanently blind something if they don’t get it out soon enough and it will leave minor burn marks. there is a noticeable height advantage of at least 1 foot there skin while looking smooth is like a layer of Kevlar and their bones are like steel. They have the capability to slowly regrow limbs but it takes months and there physical prowess is far beyond human capability they are capable of bending steel and running at speeds of a horse. From a young age they are taught to disregard pain and fear and to fight until victory or death cowards aren’t tolerated to the extreme of getting rid of them. They live in a clan system where the strongest rules and the strongest of all the clan leader (Khans) become there Emperor also know as the Khagan named after there first ruler Khagan but there are some other requirement to become Khagan you have to be considered smart and have had to survive the optional 1000 Cuts where they deliver 1000 cut around you body in like a tribal tattoo pattern but if you make a signal noise you are executed because it is believed you disrespected the first Khagan because the original Khagan was the Khan of 1 of over 100 clans and his goal was to unite all clans together to prevent getting subjugated again he began his crusade of challenging other Khans for their Loyalty to him but after he captured 9 clans all the remaining Khans banded together to try to stop him all 90 challenged him at once in an attempt to make him back down and loss his title but to their surprise he accepted and in the ensuing fight Khagan killed all 90 of them uniting all clans under him but he sustained hundreds of cuts throughout his body and all the healers believed he wasn’t going to survive but he survived with no ill health effects and he later lead the clans to start what was to evolve into the Empire of Nomads. You have to kill the Khagan in a fair fight to become the Khagan or even a Khan

What about a game where the MC always misses the que (or is it cue?) to become a protagonist (or vice versa) like they find a magical artifact that is supposed to send you to a parallel world, but they just hand it off to someone else, and maybe you could do spin off stories, like how someone handed you a magical artifact that sent you to a parallel world (Different characters for each game)


Those of you who aren’t familiar with the series / character, Alex Rider is a young boy being used by MI6, the British international intelligence service. At no more than fourteen years of age, Alex was forced into this occupation after MI6 noticed Alex’s many talents. I’ve loved the series and always wanted to know what it feels like to be a spy. I think it’ll be a dope idea for someone to turn into a story. Also if you haven’t read the series I encourage you to do so, you will not be disappointed.

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Since there’s a thread, I had an idea for a game set in the Victorian Era, namely around 1836. I wanted the MC to be in the army as a leading role, but there are a lot of games like that already.

What would you like to see in a Victorian style game set in a custom world?


Where? I must have missed them. Anyway, if it’s a popular idea than it’s so for a reason. Fans of the setting probably never would say no to more as long as you give it an original twist (tbh I guess it doesn’t even need that as long as everything else is handled well enough).

So I say just go ahead with your idea?

Ooh, I had a whole notebook page of ‘games I want to play but not write’ once upon a time, but I appear to have lost it.

Off the top of my head, though…:

  • Choice of House: you are a house that has gained sentience! will you help the people residing within you, or will you do your darnedest to make their lives miserable? just make sure you don’t get demolished.

  • Choice of Hockey Player: like Slammed, but for minor league hockey. Think Slapshot or Goon for possible storylines.

  • A spy game: think Alpha Protocol meets Archer. That’d be, like, the perfect spy game.

  • A game that makes use of a sanity meter a la Eternal Darkness. If you can tweak the code so that low sanity does some funky things to the appearance of the game, that would only sweeten the deal.

  • Indoctrination: The Game: you’re slowly but surely losing a battle of wills to a dark presence within your mind. It’s only a matter of time; how long can you retain yourself before succumbing to the Reapers presence? Choices that follow the presence’s lead will make you succumb quicker, but it’s less painful that way. Go against the presence, and you’ll keep yourself longer… but at what cost?

I can probably come up with more. IDK.


I had a few ideas of a game set in prehistory. Not sure how far back id want to go but i wouldn’t have it any sooner than the stone age. It’d be a story about a nomadic tribe having to adapt to the ever changing world. At some point id like them to become agrarian and the story then follow the start if human settlements

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Was listening to music and something csme to me.

An old ruler King/queen etc…

Is living their last days reminiscing on the people loved lost and sacrificed during their rule. When a stranger comes to give them a chance to change the life they’ve lived. At the price of life for a life.


Play as a Christian Missionary doing the between the 5th and 8th century. Mechanically the character creation for the first part of the game, plays like a cross between Traveler and the clan creation process and King Dragon Pass. You see there secular career their eventual calling to the Monasticism life their call to God to spread the word of going into diply Pagan and violent territories. Depending on your political connections you can help backing of the Pope or for one of the Kings. But you can gain both during your missionary work. The missionary work at selves that I’m play a bit like Banner Saga cross again King Dragon Pass event system. As you tried to convert pagans, build monasteries especially convert King’s and use your both political and people backing to establish Cathedral be made Bishop later Archbishop. Once that happens again we’ll deal with the administration aspects of the church along with writing theological commentary making language from the indigenous tribal to make an alphabet for them so they can read the Bible Etc. Look at me I didn’t special benefit where you can become a hermit if you are successful enough and wrestle with the demons and temptations of your vices, along with cultivating a mystical perspective.

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I got a ton of crazy ideas for wips.

  1. It’s a historic epic about werewolves set in World War 2. You are a member of an American elite paratrooper unit called the Wolf Pack. The player gets to name the MC, pick where they are from, how they became the badass werewolves they are now, what their military specification is, their appearance, and their nickname, and their role in the Wolf Pack.

  2. It’s a psychologial thriller. It starts as the MC wakes up in a mential health place. The MC also works there as a psychologist. Your work friend tells you that your partner was killed by you and that you went psycho on their ass. (Not in those terms in the game. He’s a doctor not a high schooler!) While you’re in the ward you’ll befriend an inmate. She tells you that the devil comes into her cell and rapes her. She triesd to tell the guards and the doctors and they think she’s crazy!

  3. It’s a TG game. You’re a member of a minitory called Twisted. The Twisted are descendants of people who surrived a virius that killed 75 % of the people who got it. Those who surrived were forever changed but they didn’t feel any differences, but their kids and grandkids did. Sometime in the range of 13 to 17 they had their Twist activate and they become different. Everyone who is Twisted can be totally changed in body,mind, and soul. You are a baby Twisted.

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Number 3 sounds cool. Is a Twist like a superpower or something more sinister? Also, what does TG mean in this context?

I’d advise against #2 unless you’re planning on being super careful because it looks like it contains some sensitive subjects.

1 sounds great, and I agree with Giratina that 2 could be a bit tricky.

You are a fantasy worlds equivalent of Maximillian I of Mexico you are made emperor of a foreign nation cool except… most of your subjects want you dead the only reason your government doesn’t collapse is foreign bayonets in return you are expected to be a puppet to said foreign government and the only reason you got the job is because your reign is a attempt to shore up relations between your overlord and your brothers nation it seems you are In quite a predicament whelp have fun.