Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Meh, Soccer is at least Google distinctive, I suppose we could call it “sport adapted from a bunch of Aztecs kicking the skulls of their enemies around a field to the modern day” but it’s not as catchy as either soccer or football. Maybe non-American football will do?

Choice of moving paperwork around then, since most lawyers are not in-fact high-powered litigators (most of the time), particularly when operating under continental/civilian law rather than common law.
That said modern practice around here has become somewhat more like the adversarial set-up of common law around here over the years, but that is mainly due to cutbacks on the number and time of judges so not all judges are in fact up to speed enough to be asking most of the questions during the actual trial. Still I imagine our courtrooms would be alien to most Americans since in practice it is the judge who interrupts, redirects and overrules our questions with their own.

The first Deathless game is about a fantasy version of American lawyers/litigators starting out in a fantasy version of one of their huge firms, so it is more or less about the lawyer experience.