Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Reposting from the Killing the Protagonist topic, since it got me thinking.

I’d actually be really interested in a piece of interactive fiction where you’re the Chosen One.

It’s understood that you must sacrifice yourself to save the world, and your loved ones, right throughout the story. You’re loved and adored by all. But is it actually you they love, or your celebrity and the great destiny you have? Everything is wonderful, you can do no wrong.

When it comes time to face your destiny though something happens…

You get the choice not to, to run away in the face of certain death. Or to strike a deal with the villain. Or do something else in order to cheat your fated death, but do so in a not heroic way. You’re destroying your legacy, you’ll be reviled, but better that than dead. And when you approach your loved one, you discover it was the whole thing of just being with a hero, that they wanted.

And everything in your life falls apart. And you’re again faced with the same choice, sacrifice the tatters of your life for the world, keep living through, or change your identity, and try and rebuild a life of not being Chosen or special anymore, and everyone hates you.

And the world itself, of course, has fallen to pieces, succumbed to whatever disaster you were meant to prevent.