Confusion about the original Zombie Exodus game


Hi everyone. I hope this is the right forum for this question.
In the original Zombie Exodus game, at the VERY beginning, before it even really starts, there is a scene where the character is in some kind of shack, with no weapon and a zombie right outside, and he/she says something to the effect of “I never thought all those months ago I would end up in this mess” or something like that. Then is goes back in time an it starts with you waking up in your sister’s apartment.
That’s the ONLY time I’ve seen any reference to that scenes. In none of the endings I got was that scene mentioned or anything. Does anyone know anything about it? Did the author somehow forget about it or something? It just seems odd that the character starts there, and the game begins with him/her thinking back from there to the start of it all, and then the game plays through to the end without ever mentioning that scene ever again.


I’m not 100% certain but we have this line in the text you referenced:

Below this is the opportunity to load straight into any section of the game, including the final chapter. Presumably therefore, the intro text you’re asking about takes place after the conclusion of the playable story - i.e. in between Part Five and the Epilogue. I’d guess it’s intended to be a non-specific intro point that gives a great feeling to start the story, but doesn’t imply you’ve taken any particular story path.


This scene is in Part 5, in Catherine’s shack.

You wait for what seems forever. Zombies are patient creatures.
Your mind wanders, and you think back to the start of the trip.


It’s a scene that can happen in Part V, but it can also be missed/avoided pretty easily.


Oh wow thanks guys. That’s been bugging me forever. Some of these games from CoG are just unreal. As many times as I’ve played Zombie Exodus, I keep finding MORE things I haven’t seen yet. I took a peek at the code last night, figuring I had seen most of what it had to offer, and in under 5 minutes I closed It out in the realization that there are a ridiculous amount of things in it that I haven’t done in any of my play throughs.
In any event, thanks for leveling up my knowledge on that scene at the start.