Comrade or Czar stuck?

Im currently stuck in my czarist campaign

Choices are
Practice shooting outside
Find commies
Go to parade

In which me ending up dead.

I cant seem to access the two last choices from “Find Commies”

Hit him in the head and remove bullet or sumthin…

Can you specify which game you’re asking about?

Most likely

“Comrade or Czar” by Albnoob

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This game runs on its own logic.
Choose “Find commies” option if you are a czarist or Prepare The Attack if you are a communist.
After that, there are two choices with high skill requirement. Make sure you have Speaker and Heavy hitter skills above 50, I think. Building a boxing ring and a Speech Center beforehand will help you with that.
If you are shot by your old village doctor-turned assasin Dorota, ask him for help (needs high speech skill).
If there is a choice later with “Hit him in the head option”, hit it.

I may be confusing communist and czarist path here, but they are almost identical anyway.

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Will try. Thanks for the tips

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