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Hi everyone :slight_smile:
So I recently downloaded Samurai of Hyuga and subsequently book 2.
Now I’ve never played/read this sort of game before and I wasn’t expecting it to span multiple books so I want to read some other stories while I wait for book 3 but I don’t want to end up with multiple incomplete titles. (I get enough of that with anime lol)

So long story short is there someway of knowing which books are just one book or at least completed I.e. All books in series released. If there’s not a list or something perhaps someone can suggest one for me.

I liked the sound of The Superlatives: Afterfall but just the fact of the subtitle makes me think it might be one of many.


I would defiantly suggest giving Zombie Exodus a try. It’s told in 5 parts (all buyable in the same app) as well as Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. Safe Haven: Part 2 is currently in the works and will be released soon. I would have to say that ZE and ZE:SH, are some of the best games you can get here within CoG.


Heroes Rise (the first trilogy is complete)

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Haven’t finished reading Superlatives so not sure if it’s a one off or not.
Most of the series on this site are unfinished. The only ones I’m sure are finished is the original Hero’s rise triology, Choice of romance and lost heir. Possibly Deathless? Not sure if any more are planned but you could read the first one separately anyhow.

In saying that, more of the books on this site are singles, not series. Of the ongoing series that I can think of off the top of my head: (anyone feel free to correct me as I haven’t read them all or may have possibly missed some off the list)
Community college hero,
The second hero’s series, (Redemption)
So you’re possessed
Infinity series
Way walkers
Vampire (although the first one could be read as a single IMO)
Demon hunter

(I think there is a sequel to Doomsday in the works, but it could still be read as a single IMO)
There is no sequel planned to my knowledge to Magikiras, but I think it can be read as a one off? (Haven’t read it)
I doubt there will be one for Founder’s saga, but it is free and you never know :slight_smile:

There are sequels currently being written for many of the others.

Edit: Ops forgot Zombie Exodus/safe haven


The Deathless games are standalones, so either of them could be read on their own

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Yep, that’s what I mean :slight_smile: Some of the games on that list like Deathless, Vampire and Doomsday are a “series” but self contained enough, you could read the first and not have to read any further if you didn’t want to. In saying that, I think I’d still read the first one of each series first as there’s quite a bit of background that you’d miss, especially in Deathless that has it’s own world.


Heart of the House is complete as far as I know and based from what I experienced, it seems complete to me. =)

Although, I wouldn’t mind having a sequel for it.

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The author said at a Q&A that he’s at least interested in making another one :eyes: But as far as I know, there’s nothing really set in stone. If there is a third one, it’ll probably be stand-alone like the other two

Though with the second game, I didn’t really understand it until after I read Two Serpents Rise from the book series since, while the first game explains the Craft (should that capitalized? I don’t even know) pretty well, it doesn’t go deep into the world outside the city of Shikaw and Deathless: City’s Thirst takes place in Dresediel Lex which has a pretty complicated history on its own

Two Serpents Rise and Last First Snow go into the culture and history and stuff of Dresediel Lex and TSR, at least, shows the result of the MC’s possible actions in the game. Reading those books isn’t really necessary for playing City’s Thirst (or vice versa) and the game itself gives you a glimpse into the city, but I feel that knowing the events of TSR and LFS puts the MC/Craftsmen in a different light. I’ve been meaning to get around to reading First Last Snow and then replaying City’s Thirst for a while now but I just don’t have the time D:


I read Superlatives. It’s just a one-off so far, although it wouldn’t be hard for a save system and sequel to be added if the author really wanted, given its ending.

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There’s also the Lost Heir Trilogy. It spans three books and the entire trilogy is already done, if you’re looking for another series to read.

Other than that and the series that @Jacic mentioned, I think every other game on the site is a single/standalone in a series, so they should be fine to read.

That was included in the list of ongoing series. Not single stories.

Just to say, since I don’t think it was explicitly mentioned above, Choice of Rebels won’t be complete for a good long while.


Thanks everyone this is a lot of responses faster than I expected being new to the forum. You’ve all been very helpful. I’m going to start with Superlatives and then maybe one of the zombie stories.

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Like six months, or a year, I assume. I’ll just assume that.


You are just brimming with wide-eyed optimism aren’t you?

I was going to guess uh…two and a half years?


Try when he’s 64, or 19 years from now, or maybe it was 2064, can’t quite be sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but have to say “Wait there’s more?!”

With the length that it ended up with, I thought it was finished :slight_smile:

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The save function at the end is pretty telling. (understandable if you haven’t read it, but then, why make a judgement on its completeness if you haven’t read it yet?)

I didn’t put it on the series list because I didn’t know it was a series, not because I made a judgement call on it. I was simply expressing my surprise that it wasn’t finished due to the very long word count.

Evertree Inn also has a sequel in the making, so that’s going to be a series too.
Yay! for cute half-elf guys. :heart_eyes:

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