Compatibility errors on steam


So in a previous post I mentioned i’ve played SLAMMED a bunch on steam (22 hours) . Today I went to start a new playthrough only to be told me that the game “had encountered an error during an update due to being incompatible with my platform”

Now i’ve had this error with recent cog entry Runt of the Litter, but I put it down to it being a newer game and my ancient OS showing it’s age, but it’s kinda weird when a game you’ve had for a while suddenly become incompatible any one else encountered this?


Are you running Windows XP? If so, our new system doesn’t support XP (maybe Vista too), however we are adding a legacy support option which you can get to by opting into the “XPLegacy” “beta” (Right click on a game and select properties, then see the image below.)


Yes I am using Xp thanks for the info Slammed seems to be working again.
Now that the Google app store is no more, will this work with all future cog releases?