Mass updates on steam

Just noticed that quite few games got updates at the same time. Did something important happen?


I’m curious to know what’s going on too.

Same because even old choice games needed updating and each update took a bit to do as well… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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All of my choice games that are installed had to be updated. The older ones popped up with a message that the steam cloud is out of date for them.

Yeah, imagine that I had some 60 updates on Steam show up at once. On the other hand, it motivated me to clear up some hard drive space :slight_smile:

Had the same thing happen. Literally all 80 games I own, nice to see it wasn’t just me lol.

Maybe the save functions changed?? I’m curious as well

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No additional information on their site and their various social accounts…

They’re updating Linux support.


They’re updating Linux support.

Thank you for the info! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, if you played the game with Steam on Linux you had to force the compatibility with Proton (an older version otherwise it wouldn’t work). Now the app are natively supported in Linux environment without the need to do a workaround to launch the game.

Kindly note that if you already did that workaround you should turn off the forced compatibility option, otherwise the game won’t launch and you have to update again your game.

For those interested in what they changed (sandboxing of the app), it’s everything in the topic @Kshatriya linked above.


Is there any possibility of an official statement and/or patch notes being put up somewhere stating the change? (other than inside this forum)

Simply because, given this thread, I assume most people will have no idea what the updates were about and/or for. In the case of Linux/SteamDeck users, they may have no idea why their game stopped working, if they modified the launch and/or compatibility options. Irony.

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Man, I was getting a big head. I’ve been reporting a lot of minor typos.

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I was going to post this thread too. A hundred and thirty-odd updates at once was a little too much to let pass without question.

Just had around 50 cog/hog all have small updates today on steam (less them 3mb for most of them). Anyone else have the same happen?

All my installed CoG games just got an update, yeah.

To implement a new error handling feature for a Steam-specific problem.


Anyone else have a lot of their steam games update tonight?

Yep, almost all of my games required an update.

It seems they implemented keyboard shortcuts on Steam (they’re quite handy, by the way!) and removed the title and the author from the upper left corner (that’s unfortunate, I liked that), reworking a bit the settings.

@dfabulich, is it possible to know the details of the update? Just to be aware of the changes since on Steam there’s nothing on the updates/patch notes list, thank you!

If in the future there would be the possibility of an official statement or patch notes included on Steam when there are these mass updates it would be really great.

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