Community College Hero: Fun and Games (Releases on Feb 3rd!)

And for the Halloween story, it will really help if I have some Scooby Doo fans among the testers because I’ve decided that’s the direction I’m going with that story. Scooby Dooby homage!


I’m not a fan, but I have an extensive knowledge of the story of the cartoon, elements of the cases they tackle and so on.
I guess I’m a fan of how the cartoon was made and so on, rather than from a spectator’s point of view. But I guess that counts, so at least with me being on the team, you have that perspective - not conventional, but I’m sure I may be useful.

Not to mention, for the first story, I’m a huge tabletop RP player, and I master just as many campaigns as I participate into. So I’m all good for that one too!

I guess I lucked out when entering, since I love the themes!

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Oh jeez Eric, you’re making it so hard for me to focus on school! :sweat_smile: First the DnD and now some Scooby-Doo?? You’re hitting everything I love right on the nose!

…Aurgh, it really wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t fully commit to beta testing. Maybe next time. :’)

But just…promise me one thing…

Let the MC say zoinks!, or jinkies!, or let’s split up, gang!


Maybe you are my target audience?? :astonished:

But yes, I understand focusing on school! Heck if you can actually manage to do that these days, I’d be super impressed!

(I shall make you that promise, and I’ll raise you a “Ruh roh!”)


:sob: i love it

bless you


honestly can’t decide if tress would make a better daphne or velma. she fits both characters pretty well. but like if i had to assign who would dress up as who for a scooby doo themed halloween party it’d be

stunner - freddy
tress - daphne
synergy - velma
wombat - shaggy

kinda conflicted on scooby between stoic or crook. it would be funny with either or. or even dirty girl could fit that role too :sneezing_face:

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I just died imagining Crook as Scooby… :joy:

he’s here for the free snacks and booze so if has to be a pseudo furry for the night so be it :pensive:

dirty girl would probs be the most ooc and in character scooby all at once

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This sounds super interesting and I bet its gonna be great. Exactly what I need right now.

I’d be down to help betatest if you still need some people.

I would love to beta test the new game, @Eric_Moser the ones before were very fun :slight_smile:

Good evening, everyone!

@Aw3som3n3ss916 and @Nika_Alexandrov, as long as you folks are familiar with the first two games and the characters, you’re good to go! I think that makes a full team, as I have a few other folks to add as well.

I plan to send out PM invites this weekend once I’ve added some content to the Zarlor story.

Oh and I still think DG is going to be Scooby. Her love of pranks, her love of snacks, her…uh…extraness…it all sorta points to Scoob.


Sign me up!

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Wow, and thank you :slight_smile: am familiar with the first two I missed having my oc and Tress together :smiley:

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Okay we have our group. It’s like 15 people, which should be plenty for a short game like this. I’ve sent out invites to the private thread.

Getting up early to write in the morning. Thanks to all for volunteering!

I’ll close this thread now. I’ll reopen if I need to recruit more testers later, which I hope is not necessary.


Okay, quick update. I should have 2 of the 3 games finished by Friday, Aug 28th.

I could use a few more folks to test those, with a focus on code issues/bugs, continuity issues, balance, etc., while I crank out the last story.

Any takers? I won’t need you until Aug 28th if that makes a difference. Comment here if interested.


I hereby declare myself interested!

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Awesome, I’ll reach out to you by the end of next week.


I would like to help if it ain’t too late

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