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Why the ro’s are being a dick to my mc?

I mean, it depends very much on the context.

I won’t say some of them aren’t just like that sometimes, though.


That’s actually what I like so much about them. Not the dickery itself, of course, but that they are all very much people with their own lives (or, you know, former lives) and agendas that have nothing to do with me, and they’re flawed and touchy and basically feel like real people, rather than just being there to pine after my character. If I can earn their respect, friendship, or love, it’s a genuine accomplishment.

As a general rule, be reasonably pleasant with them and they’ll be reasonably pleasant with you. As for Vivian … he’s gonna be a dick to you for quite a while, sorry. You’d be a dick too if you were disturbed out of the soundest slumber of your life to do a giant favor for your worst enemy by reliving the circumstances of the worst thing that ever happened to you. Actually, Vivian can start to thaw towards you as early as Ch1, but you might not realize unless you’ve done multiple playthroughs, since, for most of the book, a Vivian who kind of likes you is only slightly less of a dick than a Vivian who unequivocally hates your guts.