COMING THURSDAY: "Zip! Speedster of Valiant City," New Author Interview, and DEMO



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One of my anticipated titles… congrats Eric and nice interview :slight_smile:

Maybe one day we’d see a more in-depth dive into Zip :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I have more adventures for the MC in my head, but it depends on audience response to the idea of a more Episodic type of series.


Was there supposed to be a No option here, kind of felt like it?


No, those are the correct options. Just use the last one and put Campbell’s name.

Excited for the release, Eric! I loved testing this!


Thanks, Trever! You were a MVP. I like how your creative brain works! :brain:




I loved the demo, so, surely I’ll buy it and play it :sunglasses:
Anyway, even there is a proper description of Sloth, I kept imgining this character as the Sloth from The Goonies movie :joy:


This kinda remind me of the Masked Super Hero…dunno if it was made by the same peoples?

lol @Freja imagine me, I was imagining that Sloth from DAO lol


The demo left a sweet taste so I’ll be sure to play it. I really liked mc superpower, their age and the small background of theirs you showed us.


Excellent–congrats @Eric_Moser!


Why is it that the upcoming COG board says that the game is already released even though the release date is not here yet?

It’s a quirk of Jason’s. Once the release date is locked in and confirmed, that’s what he puts in. I suppose it saves having to change “Releasing” to “Released.” You’ll notice it says “Released February 27th” for Ironheart also.


I noticed that previously and find it cute and funny.

Also, I didn’t like the demo but as always I will get a positive review and wish you best luck possible, not all games appeal to everyone but the important is that the company growth


I have to say just from the demo and interview, I already am invested in the story. I really love the fact that the MC is not the usual age range for most stories (like 18 to mid twenties it seems all the time) and is established already rather than being yet another up and comer. I also like the variety in how their relationship history can be. The sidekick and the rogues gallery small description at the end of the demo sounds good already too. Can’t wait to see more of the aging concept since that’s a really good aspect not explored in stories and especially not in superhero stories I feel. The passing of the torch aspect is also a thing not covered, atleast with the MC being the one passing it which is great.

I didn’t enjoy CCH 1 and 2 as much as a lot of people did/do, but really liked the writing and here it seems to keep that writing, while being more engaging to me already and also if there is going to be less choices but more meaningful ones then this game already has my money. I hope this does well enough to continue.


I’m really glad this was your first impression, because honestly that’s what I was shooting for. I credit @abbytrevor for helping me tighten things up, especially with the first chapter. Establishing Choice right out of the gate for the win!

Please let me know what you think of the full-game; I’d be super interested to hear! (There will be a separate thread.)


I think you are a superb writer, my problem with the demo is I didn’t found anything humanizing or something to empathize with my character even if it is of my age. None of choices are something I would choose. Even if writing is objectively good is not something that I would enjoy like I enjoyed your other books.

Still, as always I wish you luck and hope that it will be a success and you could write more in the future.


I appreciate your honesty! Not every release is going to be for everyone, and heck, even if someone tried to do that, they’d just end up watering down what they have.


Of course, you already know that I am all honesty. But I think that will be a fresh start with your target audience that is probably younger and more focused on the fast paced style