We will agree to disagree.

How a person chooses to present themselves at a particular point in time does not “silence” the truth of either being “dynamic” or “static” in gender identity.


I agree however for many casuals could be confusing even if add more choices could make all even more confusing for them because they won’t understand why so many choices. So present as is maybe no the best verb but at least people know what gender are choosing or not and that is the key


Some other concerns…

I read ‘The Talisman of Dead Angles’ twice on the same page (sorry about no screenshot)… so I thought this might be intentional? But this was confusing because there is an angel character… and “dead angles” rather than “dead angels” strikes me as a math reference, which would be unexpected given the lack of context.

Also, this scene seemed quite premature for a romance achievement (that may just be due to certain expectations of romance, though):


Ironically in the last update the gender choice for my game was switched to a different choice when talking to your aunt and uncle :wink:

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I know thats why I say old :wink: Now have more sense. Due older first impression is you are asking sexual attraction. At least in Spain you try to sit near the person you are attracted by not by the gender you identify with. But maybe is a cultural thing

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If you find a bug, send us an email.

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The gender choice is staying as it is. I’m not concerned with what impression “casuals” get. This is why we run a beta. No one highlighted this.

It’s supposed to be Dead Angles not Angels.


I agree with there is no the important at all. Still A question could character change the way presents during game? That could open interesting options being a mage and that for some role characters.

No, I don’t believe there’s different presentation options at different times.

Nonetheless it’s 100% a fine gender choice. You don’t have to like it but I point to @Eiwynn’s remarks above.

ANYWAY, leaving that ASIDE, how pumped are you guys for this game! My favorite piece of it is replaying as a summoner/necromancer/vitalist etc and getting different flavors and interactions and NPCs based on that.


This is the aspect I am most looking forward to exploring as well.

Also seeing more of each individual npc to explore their characterization (as I indicated world building and character building is my favorite aspects of writing) :slight_smile:


Yes. In particular there are several RO paths to pursue and you can get to know different NPCs to different degrees on each playthrough. It is 400,000 words after all!


I normally don’t role as a necromancer or high mage because they are portrayed quite stereotypical in a way that is boring for me I am more of bard ilusionist type of role however the few I can read in demo seems to let you not be the typical mage and just be a person that just have a power and wants use to achieve a goal. About powers itself I am not the flashy love of spells i think Mara wwill be a summoner what i love is the way characters are descrived in the demo they seem realistic also i hope conquer the world with my bard at my side lol

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can anybody post the link to this game on playstore please… i cant seem to find it

It’s not out yet, dont worry


I am intrigued to note that there are five magical paths, but six 30-point ascension achievements.

Also, is it intentional or a bug that the stat screen describes you as “favor[ing] the quick power of dynamic sorcery over the slow but predictable arts of ritual magic” even if you have a 59% Ceremonial rating?

Will it come out today

It’s out now.


You are my hero with these nice news. Now off to play the newest CoG game


Sadly, Steam is lagging behind.

Steam release (for me) has always been at 9:00 am PST on the intended day of release, baring any problems that occur to delay the release.

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