COMING THURSDAY: "The Play's the Thing" New Author Interview, Trailer and DEMO





There seems to be a bug with the demo?
It just keeps on loading for me.

EDIT: Going to the ‘About’ page and back seems to have fixed it.

YES I’ve been so looking forward to this!

I think this is the full game and not the demo

it definitely is the demo, it ends 3 chapters in.

I was able to play the full game, it never stopped.

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It should be fixed now, if you were able to play the full game before. Now you’re morally obligated to buy it on Thursday :wink:


As a big fan of the game during beta, I’ll be buying this title when it launches on Thursday! Some really clever balancing and consistently solid writing makes this just so much fun to replay and push for different outcomes. As a happy reader of Stronghold, I wasn’t surprised it would be good, but I do find I keep thinking about this one. And I did catch myself a few weeks ago picking which outfit for an actual business meeting based on the expected stats bump. :wink:


I really like the demo! Looking forward to buying the game on Thursday!! :heart:

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