COMING THURSDAY: "Skystrike: Wings of Justice"—New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO!


Skystrike: Wings of Justice

Author Interview:


This game is just so much fun. I enjoyed exploring all the different origin stories for Skystrike and learning more about the antagonist across various playthroughs. I love that you can’t always count on getting a “good” ending, but the “bad” ones are just as interesting. I loved Ulli’s romance route - they’re just so quirky and sweet. And be warned, this game contains one of the most delightful chase scenes I have ever read … and one of the most terrifying - which can follow almost immediately after the delightful one if you do things right (or wrong, as the case may be).

(And okay, I have to ask: Skystrike/Talon City crossover when???)


FYI the game was accidentally released in the omnibus yesterday, but has now been pulled.

If you purchased the game already, you’ll be able to play it as soon as it goes live again tomorrow (Thursday).

Sorry for the error!