COMING THURSDAY, Psy High 2: High Summer -- New Author Interview, TRAILER, and DEMO

Mailer announcing release coming shortly.


Pay High 2 is out now, as I mentioned, but uh…here’s what happened today.


When will the game be available on Amazon?

Usually within a day of three major platforms. I’m not sure. Sorry Amazon doesn’t get a lot of love, it’s a very very small portion of our customers.


Also, it should be available in the Amazon omnibus.

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I mean if you make game with multiple endings and then want to make sequel to said game. You should always adress all the endings. Because then you are just walking all over people by telling them what ending they should get. Like at that point you dont even need to make CYOA

No, they don’t. Choose what endings are included in sequels or not has been part of IF since beginning of the term sequels appeared. It is impossible and unpractical address all endings in sequels. Even Mass Effect 2 couldn’t deliver that level of detail and they spend a lot of money development of variables. One of Reasons of ME3 ending was reducing the number of variables in any possible sequel due it was totally impossible handle tracking more variables.

Bethesda in elder scroll directly don’t even tracking anything from previous games and make that all events happened regardless player did them or not.

So is easy to understand, why not destroying powers or others endings are not included. What will they do?

Everyone lives in a boring powerless situation governed by a tirand you caused in the last game. The End


Unfortunately you are asking too much, especially for a game which was not originally intended to be a sequel.

You have the option of treating the sequel as a stand-alone game and in this case, where your preferred ending was one that was unable to be carried forward into the next game you can use this option to continue the story forward and still achieve your preferred ending in the first.

By putting unreasonable demands upon authors and developers you do more harm than good.


Had to play psy:high once again but I am not getting to save my game for the sequel. What can I do?

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the game. Contact support at choice of games dot com.

That’s much easier said than done, and I’m in a position to say so. My game, Werewolves: Haven Rising, had only 11 distinct end-brackets, 2 of which aren’t carried forward because one of them is an early death and the second one has the player specifically choose to retire and ignore the rest of the pack.

Even then, with only 9 end states going forward, it was very hard to integrate all of them into the sequel. I’ve spent over 100 thousand words addressing the different ending brackets of Werewolves 1 with specific content and scenes designed for each ending. It’s been a long and frankly laborious route to take. I can’t even imagine doing that with a game that has dozens of endings.

And that’s not counting the innumerable combinations of lesser choices made in Werewolves 1 which are carried over and matter as well, it’s only counting the end-brackets.

While it wasn’t planned at the point of the pitch, Werewolves: Haven Rising’s last 3 chapters were written with a sequel in mind, particularly the last chapter.


I think @Anime_lover is entitled to their opinion, much like @Jay_Tarrant above. It’s not how we do things at CoG, but :woman_shrugging:


I am starting it and I can say that thd improvement in mechanical engineering of choices and branches is clearly noticeable and the game flows far more naturally.
I am just starting so I can’t say anything final. What I don’t like so much is the Pc character seems so far shy and submissive by default. I have never behaved like that lol. But I am the extreme case I suppose.

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Anyone I can bum a gay male savegame where you have gone to the ball with your best friend from?
My issue is (again) that my first installment is on the now unsupported Chrome PC apps and I’m feeling like a cheap bastard here. Unlike Keeper which I did re-purchase on Steam.

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Just find your receipt and send it to Abby and you can transfer your purchase to web, iOS, and Android.

And, yes, Abby can tell you how to recover your receipt from Google, even if you purchased the game years ago.


If she can’t I can make a save for you @idonotlikeusernames just pm me if for an issue you can’t retrieve the game.

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That’s definitely not the impression she leaves in the first game. Tho she might have matured since that, but going for her in one of my replays made me realise that I really don’t like her. Sorry, for making it my priority to save people instead of going on dates as often as she’d like. That and she didn’t seem to appreciate my MC telling her about her abilities. Isn’t honesty better than building a relationship on a lie? So in the end of that playthrough my MC still ended up with Alison.
Anyway I still liked that playthrough as it showed how first time crushes on people we don’t know so well can turn out a big disappointment once we get to know our crush better and the right person might have been right next to us the entire time only that we ignored them while we were pining for someone else.


On the sequal… the dating story with Taylor was great for me personally, better than Alison’s scene… Taylor had learn how to care for MC and ensure MC doesn’t feel uneasy with her status…

I didn’t play the Psy High 1 , New RO in Psy High 2 seems to feel more touching than Alison and Taylor though but between Alison and Taylor, Taylor has a slight edge over Alison

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For me always Carl/a love the lonely outcast type


lol maybe you should play Psy High 1, to understand Taylor and why some peoples may not like her .

Personally…I’m #teamAlison all the way .