COMING THURSDAY: "Paranormal Preparatory School"—New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO


Paranormal Preparatory School

Author Interview:


Hellmouth? Quick! Call Buffy the Vampires slayer! :rofl:

We gonna go stabby? also, for some school can be hell. So Hellmouth would be more like a vacation in comparison! Trying the demo now! :grin:

Update: Damnit! This is good like hell! Like a mix of Harry potter without being boring (So sue me), and magic, and the skills are many and fun! Now I’m hoping the entrance to Hellmouth is inside a scary MAZE! It has to be, cause that is so spooky!

Boo…now gotta wait 3 days! :yawning_face:


I’m a huge fan of school stories, so I was excited when this one appeared in the release queue, and working on the beta was a real treat. Although I would have liked to spend more time in the ordinary school environment before the plot kicked into high gear, this is overall a very entertaining adventure with a great sense of humor. The characters aren’t all particularly disposed to like you, and even those that are can be bluntly honest when they’re not impressed with the PC’s actions, and it’s a lot of fun working to win them over and watching a motley group of friends, enemies, frenemies - and perhaps a pair or two of lovers - come together to save the day (or, you know, try to save the day but fail miserably). The PC’s position as the only mundane human in a school full of paranormals makes for a genial opportunity to explore privilege and social change in a quite perceptive way without authorial preachiness.

If you’re interested, I definitely recommend checking out the demo, which will introduce you to almost all the major characters and give you a good idea of the game’s tone.

P.S. If Social Services of the Doomed left you with a bizarrely specific craving to get in between bickering vampires and werewolves while something really sinister is going on in the background, Paranormal Preparatory School will 100% scratch that itch.


Terry Pratchett was the author who made me realise that I wanted to be a writer (while Robin Jarvis was the one who made me realise I loved horror)

I’m sold!


Trailer doesn’t work guys,please fix it if not this introductory page is rendered a bit useless.

It’s working just fine for me.

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Then perphaps it is my Opera browser that fails to load it,strange but not impossible,will search for it on YouTube then.

Wait to see if other people have the same problem if not was only me.

It’s only you, alas.

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Now works curiously here too,oh well must have been stuff related to my browser.

Thanks for checking it out :face_with_peeking_eye:

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This sounds so fun, I love school stories so I’m really looking forward to it!


nerd alarm! wanna go back to school huh :grin:

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the chapters where soooo gooood

If you put it like this, some of us might expect a vampire/werewolf moresome. Thinking about it, that could also be an interesting way to foster interspecies understanding… :innocent:

First impressions (minor demo spoilers):

My personal highlight so far:


Also: Very realistic that the human gym teacher is the most monstrous of them all. I suffered lots of those types myself.

Snorted at this (again, very realistic) choice:

Last but not least: Didn’t expect the outcome of a simple dodgeball game to make such a mean cliffhanger. :sweat_smile:

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Well, the game description does say you can be poly, but I’m not sure whether that means throuple or V. However, this is basically YA, so definitely no moresomes. Sorry to disappoint.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I love when people channel their inner Marcus.

A very enjoyable demo, I had a lot of fun playing it. As someone in their twenties I was apprehensive about the school setting but it does not have that juvenile energy that most school IF’s have.

It’s coming out today and I can’t wait.

It’s available on Steam now! In the omnibus app too, for Google Play at least.


It is! Thanks for the heads up.

Ok. I loved it in my first playthrough. Died in my second playthrough. How do I prevent that from happening? Anything to do with my stats, maybe ?

I’d recommending focusing on getting a couple of particular stats as high as you can get them, then play to your strengths in that final confrontation.