COMING THURSDAY: “Grand Academy for Future Villains” - New Author Interview and TRAILER


That was an epic trailer. Was Dan doing the voice over again? He’s getting really good at it now!

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I believe @dfabulich has done every trailer voiceover ever, except 6th Grade Detective, which was me. Not an experiment I am likely to ever repeat.

The Grand Academy inverts that order: to be in-universe at the Academy is to be outside the universe of any particular story. This is a world where the laws of narrative are far more important than the laws of physics–a world where it’s taken for granted that concepts can be prohibited (and confiscated, and smuggled), where acting too much like a protagonist means heroic things start happening to you, and where doing something memorably can be just as effective as doing it competently.

This sounds pretty amazing. The idea reminds me a bit of the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next books, where the setting is in a meta-literature realm.

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It’s not unlike that, I’d say. It’s really clever and funny writing, imho.


what time will it be out? :eyes:

It’s live on iOS now, I think maybe on Google Play; generally we “release” officially when our mailer goes out, usually by 1pm PST.