COMING THURSDAY: "Grand Academy II: Attack of the Sequel" New Author Interview and DEMO!




Well, time to prep my evil laugh.


How did I miss the first one? Guess I need to catch up!


I love the illicit pet possibilities

I think I have a question, im pretty sure at the end of my playthrough a long time ago, I reformed the school into a hero school if I can remember correctly (its been a long time since I played the first game at launch so memory is a bit fuzzy on it).

If im not just crazy and remembering things wrong, will that at all be addressed or was a canon ending selected already by the writer?

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Every ending has been incorporated into the sequel. However, if you played it a long time ago, chances are you played it before a save game option was implemented.

I did. I just read the interview and what the writer said about it after I wrote my question. Not sure how I feel about the thought of that so dont know if it will be my jam, but I hope players are happy with it. Congrats to the author for the first being a success.

Is the princess, or whatever she was, not back for this one?

bug or glitch not entirely sure witch one but my pets spieces apeard as a unkown

You do find out what happened to her.

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There isn’t really a basis for this happening, except somehow possibly the stats screen not updating quickly enough, sort of? But regardless, I’ve made a change to the code to try to make it go away.

Um it apeard also elsewere than the stat screen

So, this kind of fix, which I just applied to the game wouldn’t manifest itself while you’re still playing the game version in which you found this bug/glitch. You’d have to restart, and you’d likely want to clear your cache.


Yeah started over back when i finnished the demo just wanted to tell about it

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Wait, so is Phil never coming back? Feels bad man.


Phil appears in Grand Academy II. Remember, the demo is not the whole game…

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Omg How could I have been so foolish! Time to hatch an evil scheme to play the first one right in time for the sequel. Yess I can already hear the cities ablaze…i mean…what? Pfft i def meant…crazed…yeah…ok bye


can somepody tell what the stats mean??

Could you be more specific about what you’re asking? A big, open-ended question like this is difficult to answer and can come across as a little demanding, even if that’s not your intention.

Choice of Games stats fall into three/four general categories: Primary Stats (Skills and Personality), Secondary Stats (the goals and overarching forces in the game), Relationships, and Resources.

In GAFV2 Aspects of Villainy are your skills-personality/type of villain. Paths to Darkness are secondary stats, representing the goals of the game: earning a destiny, leading your genre house, winning the house tournament. Forces to Be Reckoned With represent your relationships.

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