Grand Academy for Future Villains -- Taking over the world? Come to villain school!

We’re proud to announce that Grand Academy for Future Villains, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 30% off until September 21st!

Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you to the Grand Academy for Future Villains, the world’s finest evil preparatory school, where unimaginable power begins with a world-class education!

Grand Academy for Future Villains is a hilarious 200,000-word interactive novel by Katherine Nehring, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Looking for a career as an evil overlord? A mad scientist? A megavillain, a wicked witch, a final boss? You’re not going to get there without hard work, dedication, and thorough education. In the space between worlds, between genres, beyond time and space itself, the Grand Academy for Future Villains trains the bad guys that every good story needs.

You, our hero–or our villain, rather–will arrive at the Academy ready to learn, but you’ll quickly discover that there’s so much more to villain school than getting good grades. As you navigate the school year, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Secure an internship with a prestigious heartless corporation or megalomaniacal dictator
• Seduce a hero to the dark side (Attention students: do NOT allow yourself to be seduced by the forces of good!)
• Put in the extra hours at the lab to become an actual monster.
• Pledge your family’s secret society and become worthy of–or defy–the grand destiny your family has mapped out for you.
• Pay off your student loans (in the blood of your enemies, if necessary).
• Find true love, deadly rivalry, or both at the same time with your fellow students.
• Save your alma mater, take it over, betray it, or drop out in a blaze of glory.

Our alumni have gone on to dominate worlds, conquer galaxies, break hearts, and succumb to the creeping darkness in their souls. The choices that you make at our school will determine whether you join their illustrious company.

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Pretty good game. I like it better than Diabolical for a couple of reasons: it allows you to commit to the idea of being a villain all the way to the end instead of pulling a last-minute plot twist to force you to be a hero, it doesn’t automatically kill off all your love interests, and the conditions of getting each ending seem pretty clear-cut.

That said, it’s not perfect. I wish that more had been done with the genre you pick. As near as I can tell, it just changes your initial stats a little and provides the occasional bit of scenery description. It doesn’t affect your character’s abilities or have any impact on the story at all.

I also wish there’d been a little more emphasis placed on the academic aspect of the game. In the few times I’ve played it, I don’t think I ever actually was given the opportunity to go to any classes in the second semester except for Professor Mortwain’s. I would have really liked to attend Appearance and Costume.

Overall, a fun little game, but probably not going to appear on my top ten list.


…Grades don’t seem tied to stats, or anything else for that matter.

You can increase your grades by choosing to invest in extra credit and academic bonus type things–i.e. if you buy protective gear or a map you’ll get a boost in grades when they’re used. If you take extended lab I think that boosts them as well. Various tests during midterms increase your grades on passing, etc.


Found a couple of bugs…kind of…



Noted and sent to the author. Thanks.

Fun game.

There’s so many games out there where you can play as a hero that it’s refreshing to be a villain.

Is there a way to complete the monster transformation 100%.


I’ve found that if you join two clubs and offer those as sacrifices that should work. I usually join the shadow council and the student government and that generally can get me to 100%

How do you join both simultaneously? They’re supposed to be mutually exclusive.

Anyway, tips for boosting the meter:

If you romance more than one person, choosing to sacrifice your romance (which, and I’m not sure whether this is intentional or not, doesn’t actually break up the relationship, but instead lowers your relationship score with them) will net you an extra 10% per romance.

You also have to both start the transformation as early as possible and go on the kitchen raid with Phil at the end of the first semester. I don’t think it’s otherwise mathematically possible to hit 100%, regardless of what you sacrifice.

You don’t need to go on the kitchen raid, though it helps. The successful sacrifices add up to 110%, and none of them exclude another sacrifice. You can even get your monstrosity up to 60% before you even make a sacrifice.

Spoilers for each chance to increase monstrosity before the sacrifices:
10% for taking Extended Lab Hours as an elective
10% for finding the Financial Aid Office in the dungeons
10% for going on the kitchen raid and chowing down on Unnameable Meats
10% from the nurse after the midterms
10% from making it into the Shadow Council, and then denying their invitation because you want to stay a monster (though this means you can’t sacrifice them later)
10% from returning to the Financial Aid Office when you need to pay for the second semester

And you can be in both the Shadow Council and the Student Domination Front, you just have to join the SDF before you join the Shadow Council.


Congrats to CoG and the author, as I see this has topped the RPG charts on iOS. I wonder how many other CoG/HG games have managed that? So far I have seen high appearances but never a #1 before.


I think there are several HGs and CoGs that have got to #1, which is really cool! If I remember correctly, Life of a Wizard was #1 briefly.

I think if you join student government first you can then also join the shadow council.

Can you prevent Xi from merging with Darkboard? I’d imagine it has something to do with the Student Support achievement, which I haven’t figured out how to get yet.


Is Kinestra (spelling?) one of the love interest choices? And also a detailed walkthrough for this?:slight_smile:

She is. You have to initially be polite to her (although you can double-cross and imprison her without cutting off the romance). Later, when you’re drumming up money to pay your tuition, you can do some jobs for the “hero underground” to raise her affection for you. Then you just ask her to be your romantic interest at Homecoming (warning: asking anyone else to be your romantic interest first will close this off, unless you have a very high Hedonism score or you took Don Juan 101 as an elective).


Soooo is there a chance to turn her evil tooo?

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Yes, right after you start her romance. Don’t know which stat you need though.


I think 65+ evil. Maybe in addition to a good standing with her


Is there any hero ROs?I like love/hate relationships in games

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